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    thanks @bord im downloading now! no idea how it could be looking better but we will see :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    thanks @bord im downloading now! no idea how it could be looking better but we will see :good:

    All detail stuff, in the big picture it shouldn’t seem much different.


    Oh I kind of hope not. It is a perfect table already. Has more playtime previous month than any – addams included. And, that my a BIG margin I should add.


    Thanks for this true beauty of an iconic table. Thanks to everyone who toiled hour after hour over virtual soldering irons just to bring it to life.

    I dont think we’ll be getting bord with it anytime soon.. heh heh .. ehhh :cry:


    I think I may know the answer to my question, but will ask anyway :)

    I have been trying this table, but using VPX 10.5. I also tried with 10.5 and the core.vbs from latest 10.6 beta. In both cases, balls can’t be trapped in the visor, so can never start multiball. I’m guessing there is some feature in 10.6 that is causing this issue?

    Will have to update to 10.6 beta (latest?) and give it a try.


    @erzak, you’re right. 10.6 is the minimum requirement. It introduced the ability to honor physical holes in a playfield instead of faking them. If you are using 10.5 the ball isn’t seeing any hole to fall through into the kicker cup.

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    I feel bad that, as excited as I was for this table, I’m just getting around to playing and commenting.  I got my monitors set back up, updated my VP files and started going through some of my untouched tables about a week ago or so.

    This one turned out really great.  It’s such a classic and I have memories of playing it in a boardwalk arcade in Myrtle Beach years ago on a trip with some friends.  I love the way the pinbot visor dome catches reflections when it moves… it looks so great.  I’m sure I will be playing this one a lot.

    Thanks, bord.     :good:

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    this is a really cool table. i just noticed for the first time the ball shows the scratches in such detail but also seems to roll slowly in place while waiting to be plunged. same for Jackbot which i figured.

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