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    Major Frenchy

    This is a New Mod and the focus was to enable force feedback by coding it with DOFLInx.

    The table is loaded with cool effects and the Groundshaker effect is something like you never experienced before.

    This table is Designed to work with DOFLINX. See the Installation section.  Pinball cabinet users will probably want to move the Heads Up Display (HUD) to a location above the backbox to prevent it from being displayed.

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    game crash at shadowmap 1/8

    your goldorak works and terry latest too

    any idea?


    Major Frenchy

    this is a very big table. make sure you have the load image into table editor checked off.




    i have it unchecked by default

    i reinstalled BAM and all seems ok (i think an issue with fp intercept)



    Hey Major Frenchy,

    Not sure if you know why this happens but when I launch this table via pinup popper it gets to the end of loading then crashes but when I load it just using FP, it loads and works fine. I have about 20 FP tables and all load and work fine in popper except for this table. appreciate any help, Floyd is my fav band :(

    Lunatech Fringe

    This table is super fun!  Being a huge Floyd fan, care was taken in terms of how events are timed with the music, so it flows really well.  I love the detail in it, and it is very colorful.

    I have a few problems with it that I’m curious about:

    1)  It gets to ball 5, and the game does not proceed.
    2)  It’s impossible to hit the third (center) hole of the wall on the upper-left corner of the playfield.

    Are there any fixes for this?

    Your help is appreciated.  Great table!


    Cool game, gave it a few spins, got this error twice:

    Script error:  Line 235

    Variable is undefined: “Incrementarjackot”

    And yes, not a type, says incrementarjackot.

    Any help?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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