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    Hello community,

    So I have run into a little problem lately, after installing everything again on my second rig, I noticed that when I launch a table everything goes smoothly. However, when the table is loaded the topper freezes/pauses and just stands in that single frame. When exiting the emulator it resumes from where it froze which is interesting.

    I have KeepDisplayOn set to 0, I have messed with many of the different graphical settings in VPX  to no effect.

    Any suggestions or advice


    Thank You


    Found that I could not force VPX in fullscreen mode, solved issue but now that made my 30% resource use of my RTX 2070 to 100% with ball lag with all graphics settings removed (before I was able to have AA and 4x brute and everything else no problem).


    Anything I am missing?


    see performance here:

    you don’t want 4x brute if your running 4K screen…


    Thanks solved the issue


    Uninstalled Nvidia Game Drivers and Installed Creator Drives


    Also found out that Nvidia had my monitor at 30hz instead of 60hz


    Works great now


    Interesting nvidia would have monitor at 30 instead of 60! I wonder why it would do that?

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    Sorry for bumping an old thread but I am having the same problem. Fresh install all files latest as of a week ago. 3 screen cab i5 GTX 1050 Ti. Topper videos play perfect in popper. Game manager display on set to 0. Once the table launches topper video freezes. Did do what OP did uninstalled game ready driver installed the studio driver (the last creator driver was over a year old) I believe studio is the new creator driver. My refresh was also set to 30hz 4K in nvidia manager put it to 60hz. Did improve slightly instead of freezing it is choppy/laggy. Any help is much appreciated.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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