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    This is a Excel file made for batch-processing of VPX POV files.

    You'll have to manually copy rows between the three spreadsheets, depending of what you need. There are three main sheets.

    1. TABLE NAMES IMPORT Import VPX table names from a selected folder. Probably tour tables folder. Why? Because POV files needs to be connected to a table name.

    2. POV GENERATOR Generate new POV files according to settings in excelsheet. Why? Because this is faster than making one by one within vpx. If used to 100%, this will also contain all your tables POV settings in one Excel table. That's nice!

    3. POV IMPORT Import existing POV files into excel spreadsheet. Why? For example, if you want to change all you existing POV files from Landscape to Portrait.


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    I am loving this idea!


    Nice, will def. try! Thx!


    Hello! Thanks for the cool tool. I noticed that it doesn’t format the numbers correctly when generating the POV files. I think VPX expects a number with 6 decimal places. This can be quickly fixed if you go into the GeneratePOVFiles() function and use the FormatNumber function for each line.

    Thanks again!

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    POV GENERATOR Generate new POV files according to settings in excelsheet.

    How does this work? Every table has its own settings, which I’ve to set manually. I can’t use one pov for all tables?




    No you can not use the same POV for all tables, but I’ve found my “Go-To” settings that I start with.
    I attach an example of some of my table settings. Most of them have very similar settings.
    This is of course my opinion, that I can save some time by mass-generating, and then just finetune.


    Also you can import all existing POV-files and make “mass-adjustments” faster than opening every table.
    Like when I had to replace my playfield monitor. I had some misalignment that had to be adjusted in every file.

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    Thanks for your input!
    It wasn’t just formatting. It also involved regional settings in Excel.
    Depending on settings, some users use dot (.) and others use comma(,) as number decimal separator.
    VPX always wants the dot(.)-format.

    I have made code adjustments that will force this to be correct independent of Excel settings. And of course the 6 decimal fix.
    New version 1.1 will be uploaded.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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