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    I’d posted this on that other site also, maybe someone here will know??


    Long Story short…  I’m attempting to have a primitive’s blenddisablelighting tied to a lamps fading speed / intensity…  so far not having much luck…


    My issue is I have a lamp that fades in and out “slowly” but with the way I am/was doing the primitive it just snaps on to max quickly so they are out of sync..  So trying to tie the two together somehow…..  I’ve tried a bunch of different things, but I think this is as close to what I’m after as I can come up with…  This sorta work, but seems to just read the value entered in the editor


    DisableLightingFade 1, pl1, L1d
    NFadeLm 1, L1d
    NFadeL 1, L1


    Dim DLintensity, RefLamp

    Sub DisableLightingFade(nr, a, RefLamp)
    DLintensity = RefLamp.Intensity
    a.blenddisablelighting = DLintensity
    End Sub




    so…. is there a way to read what a lamps current intensity is? (as it fades..?)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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