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    Scotty VH

    This is a sticky post (it will stay on top of the forum) that lists the rules voted by the community in the posts that follow. If you have suggestions or questions about how these came to be, or want to propose changes, please see and participate in the rules conversation thread started by @rothbauerw.

    To participate in the Game of the Week Challenge, please see Game of the Week – This week’s table + Past Results.

    This weekly challenge is played on the honor system. So, you won’t be asked to provide proof of your scores (sending nvram files, showing settings, etc.). You own your reputation, manage it wisely!

    Number of Games per Week:

    • You may play a table up to 50 times in the week.


    • The challenge ends each week at 24:00 Saturday evening, in US Central time (GST -6:00).
    • The weekly challenge begins each week after the table is selected by the person honored with making the selection (more below).

    Mods and Edits:

    • No modding the game from the default ROM settings (more balls, easier rewards, etc.)
    • No editing the table with walls, tolerances, etc.


    • Nudging is allowed.
    • Tilt must also be enabled.

    Table Selection:

    • The Table of the week is selected by the winner of the previous week’s challenge.
    • You may not select the Table of the week more than once in a three-week period. You may still “win the title” of the challenge of the week, but the honor to select the next week’s table will transfer to the second- (or third-place) winner for the week.
    • Try to select tables that are not already in other GOTW challenges, and try to select tables that are unique to the less-dominant Visual Pinball websites (numbers 2-5!).
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