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    There are a number of tables that do not have a plunger pull or release sound effect.  if I wanted to add in this script a sound effect I added “”
    PlaySound “fx_plungerpull”,0,1,0.25,0.25″”   under the plunger line but it made the same sound happen when the flippers are hit.  I tried to put it in a sub and that didn’t work either.    Can someone explain what I am doing wrong.

    Sub JacksOpen_KeyDown(ByVal keycode)
    If Gamestarted AND(NOT Tilted) Then
    If keycode = LeftFlipperKey Then
    PlaySound SoundFXDOF(“PNK_MH_Flip_L_up”,101,DOFOn,DOFContactors)
    PlaySound “Buzz1”,-1,1,.1
    end if
    If keycode = RightFlipperKey Then
    PlaySound SoundFXDOF(“PNK_MH_Flip_R_up”,102,DOFOn,DOFContactors)
    PlaySound “Buzz”,-1,1,.1
    end if
    End If
    If keycode = LeftTiltKey Then
    Nudge 90, 2
    End If

    If keycode = RightTiltKey Then
    Nudge 270, 2
    End If

    If keycode = CenterTiltKey Then
    Nudge 0, 2
    End If

     If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Pullback
    If keycode = StartGameKey AND GameStarted = 0 And Credits > 0 And Not HSEnterMode=true Then StartGame
    If keycode = AddCreditKey Then Addcredit:EMReelCredits.setvalue(credits)
    If HSEnterMode Then HighScoreProcessKey(keycode)
    End Sub






    Naugty, naugty, naugty. Playsound without SSF !!! :unsure:

    Sub table1_KeyUp(ByVal Keycode)
      If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire:PlaySoundAt SoundFX("fx_plunger",DOFContactors),Plunger
      If vpmKeyUp(keycode) Then Exit Sub
    End Sub

    – Seems your tables is JacksOpen – should give much for free. Though, I see that it is actually lacking the above. Still, would be better than NOT using SSF imo.


    I definitely use your!!! That was the first place I looked to see if it had it.  I am just interested in learning the proper way to script it in there in general terms.  I got it in there by adding that line but when I hit the flippers then it made the plunger sound too.

    I will try it when I get home thanks


    I tried using that script thalamus and kept getting an undefined error. It didn’t understand “PlaySoundAt”

    I first tried it on ICPJuggla’s 1.3f version of TRON as I prefer that one to G5Ks and I got the error. I literally looked at the script from G5K copied the Keys portion and pasted it in ICP’s and no dice.

    It took some trial and error because I too was getting the pullback and plunger sound when i hit other keys using a different script. Finally got it right and it’s worked on TRON, Jacks Open and Lucky Seven that i tested last night. I had to script like this:

    For the Pullback:

    If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Pullback:PlaySound “plungerpull”

    And for the plunger release:

    If keycode = PlungerKey Then Plunger.Fire:PlaySound “plunger”


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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