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    don’t think Stern will get into building Vpin cabs any time soon but we definitely can find the one lawyer that’s a member on this site and have them write up a letter to send to these people.  @nailbuster is correct, we can do that,or………….work with them with some agreement. for example, they can include a set number of tables if they agree to include detailed instructions on how to download the rest as a contributing member of the community.    For me those are the only two viable options.  its a crappy situation anyways


    These aren’t ours to sell, and they sure as hell aren’t theirs to sell. God damnit, a few bad apples.. don’t block Australia though, we have some good community members from there. And with VPNs, banning a country only hurts the people who can’t get around it.

    Punch it!


    Agreed, you can’t ban by geo-location, IP address maybe but it’s still a game of whack-a-mole… very little you can do to address the problem technically, outside of individual bans. If the site owners of all the major sites + DOF config tool come together to create a coalition (banned from one group banned from all), that would be the best we can hope for in terms of a deterrent. Not only to the sellers of cabs but maybe even to their customers (harsh but fair – would force them to make their own accounts for things like DOF config tool as opposed to having what they are given with a pre-configured cabinet working out of the box)….

    Or you could create a blacklist feature to work with VPX itself, so that when there is an update for VPX, the newer tables require that version to run, but to obtain that version as unlocked and working you would need to email and be verified an unique code, much like a licence key in commercial software or the cabinet mode from zen in FX3… it’s probably not viable and would be extra work for the VPX devs :/

    The community has to police itself for the most part (as it has been doing) to avoid this becoming an issue, community seems to be growing in recent times as a whole which is a blessing but also means this issue is more widespread.


    Yeah, one of the few real “solutions” would be to try to develop much more original content – original layout tables with unique rules and completely original content, so that basically you have enough standing that you could get a lawyer to actually draft up a C&D, or can similarly go to a pinball show runner and say “that vendor you have is selling stuff they aren’t allowed to sell, they have my table(s) on their cabs, and it’s only under a non-commercial license and they didn’t respond to my request to remove that content,” and basically remove one of the vendor’s few ways to get six months worth of sales in one weekend.

    Anything else isn’t really viable – if I recall, Visual Pinball is effectively open source, so if registration was pushed, one of these guys might just privately fork it off, and with DOF they’ve already got more than enough configurations for recreations that blanket bans to require their customers to have to do some diy wouldn’t be as painful as we’d like, plus we’d have to find all their employees too. Basically we’d be trying to fix the barn door after all the horses got out. :wacko:

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    Maybe we should all just stop making such nice looking and playing tables.  They they won’t want to include them anymore.  It seems to be working for my athf table..  not included on any of these sites.


    I’ll bite… athf table!?

    I also did not block the region this time as most if not all of this guys included tables are available on vpf or vpu so I can’t say for sure any are from here so would really be pointless

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    I had the same question. So I googled ATHF and got this.


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