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    This is a VPX original table based on Shovel Knight, the retro-styled platform game released in 2014 by Yacht Club Games.

    If you experience lag when switching between music tracks, press the ADD CREDIT button during attact mode.

    The left and right magnasave buttons will activate the lower flippers only, allowing stage flipping.

    Rules LEVELS: While not fighting a boss, hit any shot to progress through levels. When a level is completed, hit the BLUE shot at the right saucer to start a boss battle.

    BOSSES: During boss battles, hit BLUE shots and flashing targets.

    SHOVEL KNIGHT MULTIBALL: Complete the GREEN S-H-O-V-E-L and K-N-I-G-H-T targets to light lock at the GREEN shots at the left and center ramp. After two balls have been locked, shoot the GREEN shot at the right saucer to start Shovel Knight Multiball.

    JACKPOTS: During Shovel Knight multiball, hit the AMBER, ORANGE, and RED shots for jackpot, and complete the S-H-O-V-E-L K-N-I-G-H-T targets to light a super jackpot at the PURPLE hole on the upper playfield.

    WANDERER MULTIBALL: Hit bumpers and spinner to light wanderer multiball at the TURQUOISE shot. During wanderer multiball, hit TURQUOISE shots to light a jackpot at the VUK.

    MULTIPLIERS: Complete the WHITE lights at the bottom lanes to enable a 2X multiplier for 60 seconds at the next shot you make.

    MYSTERY: Complete the three RED targets above the right saucer to light a mystery award at the center lane (PINK shot).

    BONUS X: Complete the drop targets to increase the bonus multiplier.

    COMBOS: Hit consecutive YELLOW shots to increase the combo value. Collect the combo value at the ORANGE shot.

    About modifications I am allowing open mods of this table. I do not have access to a cabinet to test on, so please make any modifications you feel would improve play on a cabinet. My artistic skills are not on par with my coding skills, and the lighting, apron, and plastics in particular could use the hand of someone better than me at making things look good.

    Acknowledgements Special thanks to VPForum members sliderpoint for showing how to make a ramp like the right ramp, and cyberpez for the VUK, and JPSalas for several primitives, graphics, and sounds.

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    Nice Work


    Nice Table! Which folder do the music files goto? they are OGG Files? never heard of it. :wacko: Thanks


    They go in the “music” folder, located where you installed Visual Pinball.

    Great table!!


    Visual Pinball version 10.5 exposed a bug in this table, so it’s time for an update!
    <h3>Version 0.9.4</h3>

    • Fixed autoplunge relying on on a bug which was fixed in VPX 10.5.
    • Fixed script crash during Shovel Knight multiball when a jackpot moved from the left loop to the right ramp.
    • Fixed script crash displaying the scoreboard in a four player game.
    • Fixed script crash when pressing enter too fast when entering a high score.
    • Now uses JPSalas’ environment image, which makes the wire ramps look better.
    • Fixed the display showing the combo value after a ball has drained.
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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