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    32assassin has a nice one over at VPU

    I would guess Wildman does too.

    I’m using this one so I can hide the grill. It a modified version of 32 assassin’s.

    if you have a 3 screen cab (PF, BG, DMD) and you hide the grill the info bar should show in the dmd and I believe thats how 32A had it set up…

    I can’t seem to hide the grill on that one. I did try, but I’m not sure it’s possible as it sits. At the risk of sounding shameless any chance of giving this one the no scoreboard treatment for those of us with 3rd screen ala the TMNT teaser you showed? Thank you for that one in advance btw! Me missing my TMNT cab is the reason I built this table. :good:

    its very possible there will be a new simpsons b2s comin…

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    Awesome table 32A!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work cranking out amazing table after amazing table!

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    Thanks Thalamus for pointing me to the correct rom. works now. in the script it just shows “Simp” for rom. wasnt able to find it. 32A Great work. Table plays Superb! 👍


    Hi All,

    I’m no good at scripting, so it’s taken me a few hours to work out how to fix the lamp for Lisa’s head.

    At line 404 you need to insert the following line:

    NFadeL 50, L50

    This then led me to the conclusion that the following lines are incorrect as the green jackpot LED lamp would light every time Lisa’s head lights:

    Line 405 – NFadeObjm 50, P50, “bulbcover1_greenON”, “bulbcover1_green”
    Line 406 – Flash 50, F50 ‘ Ramp LED

    This needs to be changed to the following to get the correct illumination:

    NFadeObjm 51, P51, “bulbcover1_greenON”, “bulbcover1_green”
    Flash 51, F51 ‘ Ramp LED

    Note: to ensure you do not get a script error, you will need to go into the table editor and select element P50 and change the name to P51, and also select element F50 and change the name F51.

    I’m not sure whether elements P51 and F51 will then need to be duplicated, and additional lines added to the script as solenoid 9 appears to control other lamps relating to jackpot illumination – see S109, S109a and S109b (and also the Nuclear Jackpot light on the backglass.

    *EDIT* Confirmed – Duplicate P51 and F51, rename to P109 and F109, and add two lines into the solenoid lamp section of the script immediately after the existing lines that use the 109 solenoid callback:

    NFadeObjm 109, P109, “bulbcover1_greenON”, “bulbcover1_green”
    Flash 109, F109 ‘ Ramp LED

    Note: the NFadeL 109, S109b that immediately precedes these additional lines should be changed to NFadeLm 109, S109b



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    good catch

    I based all my light IDs on the service manual. And the manual  has a 49 and 50 on the location of the ramp entrance

    but the list on the side has the correct number .

    and solenoid 9 is mapped to a “Fake” lamp ID , it has nothing to do with rom ID mappings.

    this is done so that we can map the controller to multiple objects such as primitives, walls, flashers ect. using the “fake” lamp ID.



    32A, Thanks for the explanation. Wish I’d thought of looking for a service manual to find the lamp number!








    I’m such an idiot. I was tired after work and I thought this was an update to TSPP. I am so thrilled to wake up and find I was wrong.

    Great work 32A, love it.

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    Thanks for the update @32assassin and @robbo43.

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