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    Hey everyone,

    I’m Skitso.

    I’m 40 years old guy from Finland and I’ve always been fascinated by pinballs. Death of arcade halls made me sad, as where I live, there’s practically no way to play real pinball anymore. :cry:

    That was until I found VPX earlier this year. First few months I just downloaded everything I found and played the heck out of my childhood favorites like Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars.

    I loved every second, but the more I came familiar with the system, the more I wanted to create something. I’m not a code wizard, but quite good with Photoshop and the like… As some of you might have found out, I’ve already put out a couple of mods (TOTAN and Twilight Zone)

    It’s good to be able to give something back to this amazing community. Thanks everyone! :bye:


    Welcome and thank you :good:

    there is never enough graphics people in this hobby that’s for sure and you seem to have a great eye for detail.

    Glad you found the site

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    I kind of feel like I know you already. Your history sounds very familiar. I need to travel 500km myself for what can maybe go as a arcade. Well, they have Pins, and one regular arcade. I know that they got a TNA now, just waiting for me.

    Seeing your work. I hope you stay around for a long time improving. Very impressive, both tables. So, thank you very much for that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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