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    We are out and about on a little motorcycle trip, and although I have decent sized hard bags we are limited to how much clothes we can carry, and that means laundry.  We decided today was laundry day, by virtue of having run out of clean clothes, and as we pulled into the next town we are staying in for a couple days we stopped at the laundromat. We are walking in the door and what is the first thing I see.. a pinball machine!  just one, this ain’t no Sunshine, but I knew how I was going to pass the time waiting for wash and dry, a Data East Hook machine was calling my name.  I handed the bag-o-clothes off to the better half who rolled her eyes understandingly and I headed to the savior of the laundry day.

    First clue something was amiss is I walked up to the machine and it was on ball 2 of a game. The second clue all was not going to go as hoped was the right flipper being halfway up.  I checked around to see of someone there had started a game and was moving clothes or something, but no one had, so I hit the flippers and sadly watched the right flipper go up, and not come down.  Of course I launched the ball anyway and when the ball would hit that flipper it would push it down and I would get one right flip before it wouldn’t go down again.. hmm broken return spring me thinks… Needless to say the game did not last long, and got even shorter when I shot it into the hole marked Never Never Land, and boy was that appropriately named as the game just sat there for a while, then went into ball search, then sat there, then ball search, and then I walked away downtrodden to have my hopes get up only to be dashed upon the rocks.

    On a brighter note a couple stops ago I got to spend a couple afternoons in an arcade with a nice AFMr LE, Iron Maiden Premium, MMr with full color display, and a Metallica Premium all in a nice neat row. They also had a RFM, BSD, WW (again with bad right flipper), and a non-functioning T2.  Mostly we just spent a lot of time on the 4 newer pins, with the better half really liking the aliens and the giant alien topper in AFM. oh, they had about 20-30 arcade games as well, and served GOOD beer.


    I think @dboyrecords always found Pinball’s in laundry mats too.

    Very cool story borgdog :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    someday I will make it to the best laundromat on the planet…. and its 1.5hrs from me….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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