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    So as some of you know, i have recently had some legal troubles. Well, the time is finally come to pay the piper, and i need to report to prison on Tuesday to start my sentence. Since i am a first time offender, and it was a non violent crime, I am eligible to earn good time credit, and will be eligible for parole and release in 8 months.

    I wanted to take some time to write a message to all of you who has helped me with any projects, or answered any of my questions during the time when i finally released my Original table “Clue”.  If you haven’t played it yet, i welcome you to try it out, but please don’t expect any tech support from ME during my time away.

    Not that i am the most active member here, but i also wanted to avoid the “Wheres Xenonph?”, “Anyone know where HauntFreaks is?”… Etc.

    Over the course of the past 9 months during all my court appearances, and negotiations, i have relied heavily on Visual pinball and this hobby as a way to distract my mind from all this real world BS. During that time, with your help, i have released my first Original table, and i am at about 75% done with another that i am super excited about. The layout is done, some of the artwork is done, most of the 3d toys and clear ramps are done, most of the lighting is done, and it plays so silky smooth. All that is left is the scripting and pinup videos. I intentionally only worked on the physical appearance of this table and left all the scripting out, so that while i have plenty of time to think, i can really create a great rule set, and think about the videos to back up game play. I am printing out a few basic blank table blueprints (flippers, slings, inlanes) and i will have my wife make copies of them and send them to me so that i can sketch new table designs. I am also going to print off my script from Clue and have her send that so that i can try to learn more about all the little stuff in there that JP has done. I will also be having her send me a book on learning VB, copies of the command reference, and any other things that could help me learn more about this hobby during my incarceration. If anyone has any suggestions on books, or anything else i should have her send, please feel free to let me know. I have read on my states DOC website that i can actually have my wife rent me a 7” tablet that i can have and play games, read books, and browse limited websites. I’m hoping this is one of them that sneaks thru.

    I will be around, and check in every now and then until Tuesday morning, but after that i will be gone, with hopes to return here in September with an excellent new original table. So to all my friends here, and all the lurkers, i wish you all farewell for now. See you in September!



    I had no idea and not sure what legal issues your going to prison for but wow! I wish you the best and sounds like you will be back in no time! Thanks for the heads up and look forward to you returning.

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    The Loafer

    Wasn’t aware either.  All the best to you, keep a good attitude and it can surely help with early release.  take care.


    Take care buddy. thanks for the honesty and sincerity, takes guts to open up. looking forward to your follow up table. Best regards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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