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    @32assassin : You amazes me, is there anything you don’t know how to do ? :good:


    @32assassin / @herweh: Have you seen there may be some new resources for Apollo13?

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     The Loafer 

    Yep I was wondering where I had read the Apollo 13 wip


    32assassin:  I’m not sure if I have enough room on my onedrive but I will check, but if you have a drive I can upload to that would be great


    temper your expectations as the lighting was pretty bad.  I took raw images (CR2) with no flash and with flash of many areas of the table.  It wasn’t possible from every angle but hopefully there will be something you can use.


    This table turned out great, especially love how nice the ramps turned out.

    Hope to see more builds of this caliber from you and your friends!

    Again great work!


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    I have a near mint Apollo 13, sitting on my garage floor, waiting on my to have the MPU and power boards rebuilt for it’s owner.
    Perhaps I can assist you.

    I am not on here very often, but can be reached via email at rjwalker976 at gmail or in any of the Facebook groups as Randy Walker


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    pictures of the machine would be nice;  this pictures help to add the correct object in the correct place.


    tables like this need to be built with primitives or they will not look good.

    I’m not about to make primitive ramps or plastics with low quality resources.

    witch brings us to the main problem,   if we don’t have HQ resources , Scanned resources.

    this table will not be built.


    So the dilemma is are you willing to dissemble  your table  so that we can get a 4K+ scan of your playfield.

    with a HQ PF image we can at playable table because building an image similar to this one is step number one when you build ramps

    and I can’t do this until I have the PF image  I’m going to be using.


    see a table you like help me find the resources so that I can finish it


    As I am not the owner, I will have to see if they want to let me strip it that far down.

    There is a moderately descent chance that they will let me. I KNOW I can get you plastics scans and lots of reference pics of assemblies and models, as well as measurements.

    But I will have to check on the PF Scan.

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