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    Williams' Soccer

    This is an authorized conversion of Bodydump's unreleased VP9 Soccer table. He redrew the playfield and plastics. For the backglass I modified Itchigo's version of it as I think his looked better.

    A word of warning: this table does allow you to put multiple balls into play at one time. I would recommend against it. If you happen to get 2 balls into kickers, you can send this into a fit - I think the real table would have issues too. Manual ball lift by default uses A or Right Magnasave keys.


    ZIP includes B2s & wheel


    I grew up, kind of in between the EM’s and the SS’. I had to stand on a stool or something to see the older guys play titles like old chicago and aztec. Those two are the only ones that comes to mind right away. But, there has been a few releases where I’ve been like – what the hell, I’ve played this when I was very young. Not many and right now I can’t say which one it actually is. Pretty sure I’ve played Jungle Queen. What I do know however is that because of VP, and mostly because of you, but also because of the “senior” members, re-creating these games line by line of code I’ve started to appreciate the “pre” – my youth of games more than I ever expected. Only yesterday I saw through all the videos that “The Black Knigh” have made, because you pointed towards Dixieland and Pinside. I spent a lot of time learning how to play Dipsy Doole because they had a working one in Oslo in a tournament. And Scottacus sent me to a video where they explained the origin of zipper flippers. I can’t honestly say that I love all the EM’s though. Some, for me, feels more of a random game than having complete control, but, then again, this is history and that is what I love and appreciate the most about this hobby. You are absolutely invaluable in that sense. A normal thank you doesn’t really feel good enough. :heart: :good: :rose:

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    Thanks again L76.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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