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    Hi! Im almost all set with finish up my first VP! But ran into some strange problems i just can´t solve.. ;/

    First of all when starting PinballX , ALL the backglasses for FX3 and FUTURE PINBALL showes as “preview” when toggling throgh all games, except for like 80% av all Visual Pinball tables.

    I have tried everything now for 2 days and hopfully some nice person can tell me whats going on. I have reinstalled , Vpinmame, B2S server, everything.
    The backglass for the choosen table is SHOWING when starting the game but not before!

    If i upload tablename_backglass.mp4 it DON`T show up either on the choosen table in pinballX so that isnt the problem.

    Here is also some other questions if someone know how i can fix it   THANX in advance! 

    1. How can i get Backglass preview on ALL visual tables in PinballX? (Above)

    2. Now i have to press YES on that ROM question on EVERY table since re-install in VP and VPX, is there anyway i can “not do” that on every table?

    3. HOW to KILL PINUP PLAYER WINDOWS when closing a table whith PUP packs, so it does not show all the time after playing a PUP game.

    4. PUP Pack for ALIENS (FX3) Don´t start when i launch the game, “every visual pinball games” does! Is there something special i need to put in as code in pinball x!?

    5. DMD position in Visual Pinball, changes all the time, i have set up exakt in DmdDevice.ini + in windows registry, the correct position. And also did DEFAULT in windows registry under / Visual PinMame / but it keeps on REset all the time for me, so the dmd goes down some positions instead ;/ totaly annoying , how to SET this DMD once and for all?

    This are the settings that works in DmdDevice.ini

    ; x-axis of the window position
    left = 3285

    ; y-axis of the window position
    top = 200

    ; width of the dmd in monitor pixels
    width = 1368

    ; height of the dmd in monitor pixels
    height = 364

    IN Windows registry sometimes for instanse X changes to the value 3544161651 instead of 3285 ;/ that i put in from the beginning.
    Yes, i have checked all Terry Red legendary tutorials and others but i can´t figure out this problems.

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