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    Amazing tool. Some wishlist items for the config tool now that I’ve developed a couple dozen configs:

    • Ability to import and export a DOF configuration to a plain text or XML file on your hard drive
      Rationale: Easier to cut, copy, paste, view and edit using your favorite editor before being constrained to the web form fields
    • Ability to view a log of your own activity in the tool (configs you’ve saved, submitted, generated)
      Rationale: If you’re wondering why something isn’t approved and accepted this is a way to double check and make sure you hit the submit button.
    • Auto logoff warning (Do you want to save, do you want to stay logged on, whatever) instead of automatically logging you off and discarding your unsaved worked.
      Rationale: Right now the tool seems to log you off after some period of time even if you are active in the tool. Easy to lose your work when there is no warning.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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