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     lost soul 

    Hi guys ive came so far on my install of ssf, i have all my amps and speakers wired up

    with a Sound Blaster Audigy Rx/5.

    im using windows 10, and im trying “DJRobx’s setup” for the ssf

    the problem is the Sounds Enhancements Tab is Missing from speaker properties for sound blaster

    , im trying to understand this and follow any directions i can find, but this is challenging

    now ive updated the sound blaster driver to its latest version and that didnt fix my problem still no enhancments tab

    is there any thing i can do to fix this ? am i doing some thing wrong

    ive also downloaded peace and equalizerapo

    so let me go over and list my steps so far so that it might be easier for some one to understand

    1- windows 10 , 32bit

    2- install Sound Blaster Audigy Rx/5 for my 7.1

    3- installed 4 exciters , 2 backglass speakers and 1 sub box, all running off of 3 amplifiers

    im trying to first set up everything with robs setup with the image but i cant find any enhancements tab for speaker properties with the sound blaster


    im sure ill have other problems as i go, but as for now im stuck at this point

    can some one please help me out




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    • This topic was modified 3 days, 6 hours ago by  lost soul.
    • This topic was modified 3 days, 6 hours ago by  lost soul.

    It is not directly related to your question, but, I would seriously start over. Don’t run win10 32bt – you should be running 64bit.

     lost soul 

    @thalamus its interesting how you mentioned that, because for weeks now ive been typing that i had 32bit in the forum every  time i asked for some help. i just assumed i installed 32bit since all my other computers were set that way


    but i double checked that after you mentioned it to me,, and its actually 64bit, for a second there i was about to start over and reset like you suggested in hopes that, that was going to fix this issue

    im actually glad that i dont need to go that route

    thank you for having me check that, for now on ill say 64bit os


    Ok. Good. i haven’t checked. But, I would actually be surprised if Win10 is avail on 32bit.

    The problem is that sound is often very specific to drivers and software that follows your installation. For me, pr. example, I have native 7.1 on the motherboard by RealTek. And it quite normal now that this is “included” on modern motherboards that are a bit, game centered. So, we really need someone that has Soundblaster installed to reply to this, or of course, someone with the experience from their software.

    I guess I was lucky in that people before me did the work and told me the path I needed to take. I would expect though that you first and foremost need to look away from the recommended EQ APO and Peace, and get the native Soundblaster drivers to work with 7.1 first. I’m on Win7, and the guide done by DjRobX talks about small and large speakers. Things that is not available in my aging not so much heavily spying OS. :)

    I still only needed to get them to output the basic correct location, then I started focusing on the rest. I should note though. Sometime windows is windows. I struggled for a long time with problems that I still believe wasn’t my fault. I set everything up as I wanted but nothing worked like I wanted. I ended up on pressing all the default buttons I could find and started over and only then, with the same settings applied did it start to work.

    I would love to give you a full proof way of getting this to work. But, I can’t. There is simply too many things that can trip you on the wait to “Nirvana”. ( just had to say that – … didn’t I randr ? ) :)



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     lost soul 

    update, still no enhancement tab for the sound blaster speaker setting

    I’ve uninstalled all audio drivers through device manager , then restarted the pc and reinstalled the sound blaster drivers

    still no luck,

    is there any work a rounds to a problem like this ?

    how important is the enhancement tab to get ssf to work ?

    is there another way i could get ssf to work with out the enhancement tab ?


    Yeah. if I only knew what the “enhancement” feature meant from the soundblaster guys. That is the problem. You’re running something I don’t. if you read my answer again. I only made sure I had basic 7.1 working. That is the essential bit. Make sure that if you under control panel or where ever you can test your speakers. You hear that the speaker is responding from where you expect it to during the test procedure ( if there is such a thing ). If it does. Skip any enhancements. Everything beyond that can be done via EQ APO ( and peace – which just makes it easier to work with EQ APO ). VST plugins can be added to do cool stuff that I’m sure “enhancements” can’t. So, don’t focus on it too much as long as you have the basics working.

     lost soul 

    I’m going to give that a shot, unfortunately right now I’m stuck at work, this is a mystery to me but your right, i can do some adjustments with the plugins of peace and equalizer apo, as of right now. thought i can set it to 7.1 in the speaker settings and try to adjust from there, its just strange on that enhancement tab not being there,

    there is a setting thats checked for allowing enhancements, in speaker settings for the sound blaster, but thats all it shows

     lost soul 

    update: bad news for me this project is now postponed for a little while, i was just testing my amps and one of my lepy 838 amps is bad, it wont power up no mater what i do, i even tried the power plugs off the other 2 amps just to rule out a bad plug but still no power

    so now ill have to play the waiting game until my new one comes in the mail

    ill keep you posted when it comes in to show my progress, this sucks

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