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    VR ROOM version of nFozzy's Space Station!  I had so much fun building this room around this incredible table.  I hope you all enjoy it!  Full credit goes to nFozzy for this really advanced and well made VPX table. It has always been one of my favourites and I have enjoyed playing it a lot.  I have not touched the physics, graphics, or gameplay.  nFozzy had already coded the segmented display, so it was fairly easy to move and get working in VPVR.  DMD capture software is NOT required for this table.  I was unable to get hold of nFozzy, and therefore I do not have his express permission to release this.  He has not been active in the forums for over a year.   I hope all is well with him, and when he gets back, he is able to enjoy this version of his table.  If for any reason he is unhappy with this release (mod of his table), I told him in a message sent, that I would respect his wishes and take the file down.

    VPX table: nFozzy

    Based on Hmueck's VP9 table

    SFX by Knorr and Clark Kent

    Thanks to 3rdAxis for the new metal and plastic for the ramps and wires.  3rdAxis also provided the cabinet components.

    Thanks to Rascal for the Space Station topper model.

    Thanks to Steely for the Skybox primitive.

    Thanks to The Loafer for beta testing.

    Thanks always to Randy Davis, The VP development team, and Caligula for bringing us VPVR



    Graphics option on line  47.  0 through 4  -  Currently set at 3

    Enable/Disable the floating scores on line 61. - Currently enabled





    The Loafer

    To the folks who have VR, check this release out; to those without, try and find someone you know who has it to check it out.  VR is used in a perfect way here and considering the limitations of VP in VR, it’s a wonder to behold.  Animated rotating asteroids flying through space?  Check.  Rotating Space Station? Check.  Space ships?  Little visitor?  Awesome sky?  Check, check and CHECK!  VP’s ability to display floating scores hasn’t been used much, probably because on a pincab, it gives it a “video game” feel, but in VR it’s incredibly fitting with this table so I know I’m keeping this option on!  More could be said but instead of reading about it, go download it and check it out!


    Irrelevant to VR, this table is glorious, nFozzy had done an amazing job on it (and also thanks to all contributors).  In the real world before VP, I have always preferred Space Shuttle to Space Station, probably because of that amazing SS toy.  Sometimes a table’s aesthetics can completely catch you that way, and Space Shuttle certainly did.  So because of that, I never gave Space Station the full attention when it was released, so I never really got what made both the table and the VP release so special and yes… so superior. The ability to select the rewards for the main sets of targets, the awesome ramp and its timed mission, the twin top inlanes, the mission based multiball, etc. Seriously, a fantastic table, I almost ticked off at myself for missing out on nFozzy’s release because he nailed the shots, the playability so well.  Well… better late than never!


    Thanks nFozzy and all who helped you!  Thanks Rod/Rawd for asking me to test this and for directly causing me to lose probably a good two to three hours of sleep per night the past few days.  My coworkers I think hardly noticed but at my age, I’m feeling it! LOL. There is some stiff competition already for VR Room releases but IMHO this is at the top right now, the animated stuff goes hand in hand with VR.


    I didn’t know it was a competition :). Glad to see more tables coming to VR! The future of visual pinball!

    The Loafer

    My comments are not meant as such, just highlighting what makes this release special and the entire package is obviously reflected in the stellar nFozzy table as well


    i am amazed at all these VR room releases, including your own.  Looking forward to playing BTTF next to a delorean later today!  I love your T2 release as well!


    An amazing table and the perfect dmd shape, I love seeing more VR tables.
    PS The DMD for tables like the one back to the future would be perfect.
    Thank you for your work


    This table makes me realize VPVR is capable of even more than I already knew. Coded segmented display? Outstanding. I’m sad to say I’m too lazy to toggle the external DMD stuff sometimes and I just play games without a score. Love that it just works here. Also, floating scores? I had no idea. I’m also super impressed by the lighting on this table that has a much more incandescent look, where they quickly fade on and off. Not the mention the animated environment. This is just super cool. Thanks for porting it!


    Stunning table. If anybody had any doubt that VPVR was the future, this table answers that. Just wow!


    Very impressive! Cant wait for the next one, F14 in an airport hangar?

    Ben Logan2

    OMG this is such a winner! What an incredible room. Couldn’t believe all the wonderfully incorporated elements. Such imagination, Rawd. This rules! Had a total blast playing this one tonight. Brilliant! Thanks so much to you and nfozzy.

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    So…party at Ben’s place!  I need to see this.

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    Whatever you do, don’t turn around!

    Current Project: Perpetual updates of VPX physics.


    Nice room!

    Can ‘t play though: ball bumps back from 1rst ramp when launching it..


    Nice room!

    Can ‘t play though: ball bumps back from 1rst ramp when launching it..

    Hmm..  I have no idea. .Are you on version 0.6 of VPVR?


    Now this is the way to spice up an older table for VR.. Look great. Absolutely love the floating scores and red flash for major scores.

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