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    When you a new with PinUp Menu: no need to create play lists manually to group tables.
    To have a playlist with all tables, create a playlist, select active SQL and enter:

    Select * from Games order by RANDOM()

    This will show all, sorted by random. So every day you start, you see a new list.
    Or do it alphabetically:
    Select * from Games order by GameName

    If you want a playlist only for one emulator:
    Select * from Games order by GameName where EMUID=1

    Want a playlist for tables from the 90’s?
    select * from Games where GameYear >=1990 and GameYear < 2000 order by GameName

    By vendor?
    select * from Games where Manufact = ‘Bally’ order by GameName

    Final tip, no need to enter all vendors or years manually, given you follow standard game name procedure (ala Metallica Premium Monsters (Stern 2013))
    execute two lines of code to fill this fields automatically
    UPDATE Games SET CUSTOM2 = trim(substr(GameDisplay, instr(GameDisplay, ‘(‘)+1),’)’);
    UPDATE Games SET GameYear = substr(CUSTOM2, length(CUSTOM2)-3,4), Manufact = substr(CUSTOM2, 1, length(CUSTOM2)-5);

    Note: click backup button before you start playing with SQL.

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    Thanks, I will try this out soon

    Would it also be possible to exclude some tables (e.g. previous versions) ?
    Maybe by adding a “*” or whatever in the filename and creating a command line for it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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