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    Yes, figured it would be a relatively easy conversion of png and swf media to a video slideshow. But I wasn’t sure about what happens with exclusive full screen. I had been displaying as windows on top of the playfield window in VP9. And instructions were an add-on to mirroring the dmd on the apron. Not compatible with VPX exclusive full screen which I’d rather keep for performance.

    If nothing else, my next step was to just use an old iPhone as a display that I could place above my lockbar and use Duet Display add to my desktop. But I have a ton of other tasks for the cab.

    Yes, kind of off-topic. I’ve been doing the old TV speaker for cabinet noise solution. I have an old PC mini-amp 5.1 system that I was going to add but that was well before SSF. We’ll see.

    With the newest Win 10…there is a new exclusive fullscreen mode that i forces to make exclusive fullscreen programs into a newer type of Borderless Fullscreen. Many guys like it…but it caused issues for me…so I disabled it.  Using two small screen in the lockdown bar areas was done by someone. Seemed to work really nice with Popper….but yes getting windows to stay above VPX window can be a MAJOR pain for focus,etc… Definitely better to use separate screens.

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)

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