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    Could it not be possible to use the “magnasave” buttons many install? Then you would have two switches, one for lower flipper and magnasavebutton for upper flipper.

    Just a thought.



    why have FlipperLeft one Switch and FlipperRight two (+90) ?

    Because there’s an upper flipper on the right and in most (recent) Stern game (if not all), the flipper buttons are actually a dual leaf switch. That is to say, if you push the button down half way, you’ll activate the lower flipper, push it all the way and activate the upper flipper. It’s useful for capturing balls on the lower flippers but still being able to use the upper flipper to flip stuff. I think this also lets you do stuff with lane light switching (i.e. you can hold the balls on the bottom flippers but still change lane lights). Since most cabs don’t have dual switches, Fren decided (wisely) to just activate both switches with one key press.


    I don’t think anyone has dual leaf switches in their cab. It would be easy enough to add but even on real machines I never take advantage of it. I remember when I first played Tron I thought it was a bug, why’s there a delay on the upper flipper??? Certainly if anyone ever added a dual leaf switch to their cab it would be easy enough to change in the script to make it work correctly.

    Punch it!


    I agree that not many have dual switches in the same button ( i had not even heard of it),
    but did you read what i wrote? How about using the magnasave ?
    Magnasave buttons i think most have.


    Download page not found.. error 404 .. Too bad  :unsure:


    @nonozor Use search downloads only box….

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android


Viewing 5 posts - 161 through 165 (of 165 total)
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