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    This  is  a toy mod of Knorr and Clark Kent's fanatastic table. I used to own this table, and had always wished they had used a cube model for the Borg ship. Thanks to Knorr and Clark Kent for allowing me to share this. This is my first upload and is probably a bit crude in how it is achieved. Probably won't work well in desktop mode. Just a newbie learning the ropes. Thanks to all

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    Allowing this mod since it was partly approved by at least one of the main authors, Knorr. And, well, we need to be a little lenient towards those that takes their first steps outside of just playing, don’t we ?

    If for some reason we do get objections from Knorr or CK, it will disappear without any further notice.

    And. Thank you @delta6014


    Is this a real Mode, i mean: is it also avaiable for real Machines ?


    What’s different, anything other than the Borg cube?


    The other ship models are new, and there are some different lighting effects during borg multiball


    Thanks for the table! The next step is editing the DMD ship to a cube too..


    Get in touch with slippifishi at VPU. Maybe it is possible to do some frame replacements:


    Is this Mod of this Table?

    Star Trek – The Next Generation (Williams 1993) 1.2_SurroundSound 1.1


    Great table but volume is super low. Is there a way to make it louder without making all the other games super loud? It’s individual settings are already at 0.100 each. Thanks


    I contacted Slippi over at VPU and he said he could do a borg cube on the DMD, but not now. He’s moved on to another project at the moment, but maybe in the future.. This mod is NOT a mod of the surround sound version.. The sound can usually be adjusted through the rom controls usually keys 8 and 9 I think.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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