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    As a fan of Visual Pinball and Star Wars I saw Siggi’s MANOWAR Mod and thought to myself this is so cool I am going to try to make a table myself. So here it is. I hope you guys have fun playing it. I am also no VP Professional it's just for fun. I want to thank JPSalas and Siggi, without them it was not possible to make. I used the French ROM (alpok_f6) like Siggi’s MANOWAR. I also made a backglass file that is included in the zip file.

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    fixed screenshots for upload. will approve but for future you need to click “insert into post” to save image to upload

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    Cool table mod!!!

    Not bad for your first table mod!!

    Love all Star Wars tables!!

    Just one question…

    How can you have a battle on the forest moon of Endor, without seeing any Ewoks? Or forest?

    Lol, but seriously, I like this mod.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    It is appreciated!!

    Carry on.


    Wow, this is the first time one of my mods was moded.

    It’s wonderful to see this.

    I love it.

    I will give it a try next week when i have more time.

    I tell you, Shamrock 1980, this is only the begining, do more of this. :good:

     Scotty VH 

    Wow… great mod Shamrock!  What an amazing first effort…  I hope you will have many more to come!  I have so many ideas for mods, but lack the skills :(


    Nice Work! Can’t wait to give it a whirl. Like that Backglass. Very Cool.. Thanks


    Litte strange without ewoks as they are the most important thing in the movie, also the title is The Battle for Endor, not Battle of Endor. Just saying. Thx for your work!


    Thanks all, I updated the playfield image with EWOKS fits the title better  B-)


    Star Wars - Battle Of Endor playfield image

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    @shamrock1980 Looks good, also thanks for additional EWOKS!   :good:


    It was fine as it was, but now I have 2 versions!!





    I work on a new backglass with ewoks   :yes:


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    Edit – Made a couple of Deathstar balls (wrong movie I know, but keeping within the theme), a green glow one which looks great in play and a grey one. Id upload ’em but I dont know how and I reckon you could knock em up in no time anyway.Just an awesome table – awesome playfield art. Great sound and lightshow. And if I may be just a tad cheeky, it would be awesome if the lasers (the playfield image) went all the way down to the flippers and maybe circled around the shoot again light (and maybe even make them lights), but alas who am I to make suggestions to such a talented person. thanks

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