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    May the force be with you. Who's ready for some Star Wars? I actually had a lot more fun making this PUP than I originally anticipated. I decided to do a PUP from my favorite Star Wars episodes (4-6), so this table was perfect. The table is already fun by itself, so the videos and pupsounds make the experience that much more enjoyable. I hope you all enjoy. There are some parts of the table I couldn't get to, even with manual ball control. LOL! So I imagine i'll add more trigger videos later as I get better at this table.


    PUP includes over a hundred videos and dozens of additional PUPSounds from episodes 4 - 6.

    Here is a preview of the PUP Pack.

    A lot of people to thank. A big thank you to Joey Beaulieu for his amazing pupoverlay image.

    A big shout out David Deakin for helping with the backglass default, topper and DMD text videos.

    And a big thanks to John Memeo many others who helped test and troubleshoot.

    Color DMD files are also included. If you want to play PUP with the Star Wars DE MOD table, simply change the name of color dmd folder and PUPvideos folder from "stwr_104" to "stwr_107."

    Download includes 3 Screen Setup WITH DMD Cut Out; for those who have a real dmd AND want the dmd cut out pupoverlay with the DMD text videos.

    Those of you with a 2 screen setup and who don't want the dmdcut topper dmd videos; simply turn off topper screen #0 and topperdmd screen #14.

    This PuPPack requires Pinup Popper and Pinup Player installed and updated to 1.4 or higher.

    System: Visual Pinball X (version 10.5+)


    Visual Pinball X 10.5 All in One or higher installed (this is to include newest B2S Server):

    PinMAME 3.2 beta or higher installed:

    PINUP SYSTEM (1.4 or higher):

    PinUP System 1.4 FULLY installed and PinUP Player setup. (The Pinup Popper front-end is not required for PuP-Packs, for those who use another front-end)


    DMDExt 1.71 (32 bit/x86 files only!) or higher installed in your VPinMAME folder and configured to enable PUPCapture!

    This PuP-Pack relies on monitoring the freezy dmdext DMD for specific images to trigger videos and music (PuPCapture). This needs both the freezy 1.71+ "dmddevice.dll" file, and the Pinup Player "dmddevicePUP.dll" file in your VPinMAME folder. Also need freezy for the color dmd.

    Ensure PuPCapture is enabled in the dmddevice.ini file (in your VPinMAME folder):



    Note: If you are using a real DMD, then ensure that the freezy virtual DMD is disabled in the dmddevice.ini file:

    ; a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor


    enabled = false


    In the PinMAME settings for rom name (press F1 during gameplay):

    - you must have "Use External DMD (DLL)" enabled. This will enable the freezy dmdext dmddevice.dll to be used, which is needed for PuPCapture.

    Your DMD must be in English for all PuPCapture video triggers to work correctly!

    PinUPPlayerB2SDriver and B2S SERVER SETTINGS:

    Be sure that your PuPB2s Driver and B2S server settings are setup and working correctly so you don't get any errors.


    You MUST NOT have a directb2s running at all, or it will obscure the PuP Backglass!!!

    Make sure you have no media displayed on your Backglass and Topper when launching the table from a front-end.



    Ensure you delete any current "stwr_104" folder from your "PUPVideos"(if that folder already exists).

    Copy the PuP-Pack "stwr_104" folder from the archive into your PUPVideos folder. Copy over trigger files if you have a different layout (i.e. no real/LCD DMD)


    If you have video stuttering or artifacts with PuP-Packs with VPX...  you most likely don't have VSYNC properly setup in VPX. Set "FPS Limiter/VSYNC" to 1, and "Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames" to 1 in VPX Video Options. This can also be set per-table in the Table's "User Customization" options, so check that as well.

    Having certain programs running in the background can also cause issues as they may interfere with VLC or prevent Overlays from displaying. Try closing out other programs / processes to see if that helps resolve any issues.

    Some videos may not be triggering,

    If you don´t want to use Topper use another PuPconfig file that fits your System.

    If the sounds to loud you can go to Puppackeditor screens Section and set the volume for screen 4 in percent (default is 100%)

    For other issues with getting a PuP-Pack to work, refer to the wiki:

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    Looks fantastic. Will try it out today.


    A great PUP pack! You added a lot a fun to this table with this pack. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work! :good:


    Thanks heaps for an awesome pup pack! I love this table and yuo have just made it the coolest thing to play.


    Wonder if you can hekp with my music issue – I have renamed the old bs2 file so it doesnt load but I still have the original table music playing underneath your pupvideos and sounds. I am not sure how to turn it off?

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    thanks for this fabulous pup.

    is it possible to leave behind the dmdtext the duration time of the intro?

    quitar dmd


    Thank you good sir makes for much more enjoyable play


    Does DE mean Data East?  Everything comes up beautifully.  Opening videos play, sound and music great.  Only probably is, I can’t get the balls to load?  So I was wondering if I was using the wrong table – Star Wars Data East 1992 v 1.5.1.vpx


    Hi Gramps, I had the same problem. Table and pup pack opened but no ball to launch. After some looking around I found that I needed the stwr_1.04 rom.  It can found at  Hope this helps :yes:

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    I am using   — Star Wars Data East 1992 v 1.5.1.vpx  With
    Some of the games have more than one rom
    Some times you may have to have the otther roms for the game even though your only using a Pacific one for the game
    Because some roms use information from other roms to run the game…

    In my ROM’s Folder I have 4 Rom’s – I Believe if you are using you will need the in the rom folder

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    GREAT PUPPACK, thank you for the hard work !

    :good: :good: :good:


    Thanks, i love your work. :yahoo:


    @dgrace – Nice Job on the Pup-Pack


    Excellent! Brings a new life to this table.


    Thanks for sharing



    Thank you all.  As you all suggested, I hadn’t installed any rom files, duh….but I’m learning.  Because I’m new, I thought I could see if I could get away without a rom file because I was using a PuP Pack. Since I didn’t get any rom error messages when it started up, and since I was getting sound from the videos, I thought I didn’t need a rom file.

    Obviously, the rom files do more than utter a few sentences and sounds.  I’ve been through all the install/setup mega instructions more times than I care to count…..and I think I learn something new every time…..but, evidently I still don’t know exactly what all a rom file really does?

    Love this table

    Thank you


    Great work!!! The credits scroll at the beginning is cool.

    Anyone getting a lot of slow down when the ball is in the bumper section?  It can get as slow as 10fps in that area after launching the ball.  I’ve got an Intel i7 9th Gen with a GTX 1660TI; I’m a single screen user.

    I set my FPS Limiter/VSync to 1

    I lowered my Elements Detail Level to a little less than half.

    I’ve also tried the following with not much improvement:

    4xAA (SSAA) to Off

    Post-proc AA to Disabled

    In-game AO to Off

    ScSp. Reflect to Off

    Ball Reflection to Off

    Ball Trail/Motion Blur to Off

    Anyone have any other suggestions?  Also seems to slow down a lot when a lot of lights are going off.

    In other areas without a lot of lights flashing around, the Fps will be around 90 or 100.



    Great work ! :good:


    Is there a changelog of the updated version (4th August)?

    I couldn’t find what has been updated.



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    excellent puppack! many thanks, this enhance the table a great deal!


    Great PuP Pack for Star Wars! However playing this game as a Youngling, I kinda am a purist when I play this and would like to hear the original sounds and music while using this pup pack. Is there a way to change something in the pup pack or some other setting to use the original sounds and music with your pup pack enhancements? Again, great work and love the pup pack… just want the original sounds back. :good:

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