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    The Loafer

    Sure but that’s up to them, different visions can get in a way.  I’m just glad we have decent choices now as opposed to a month ago!


    Hi friends

    there are two versions of starship troopers and each has better details than the other. it would be cool @eMBee and @goldchicco to make only one version with your versions I think by taking the base of goldchicco which is a little more advanced. what do you guys think?

    We are working on our table update as we speak. It not an update really, but more like a total rebuild!
    Lots of new stuff added by Sixtoe and he’s doing a complete makeover.
    New primitives, textures, ramps, etc.
    Also script enhancements and new assets from 32Assassin. Script enhancements from DJRobX (new bug motor script) and Angrim.

    I we weren’t working on this update, I wouldn’t mind, but in this case I’ll ask for your patience…



    A cooperation to create a great unique table should be a good choice, but seems like (from the reply of the other Author) that is not going to happen. I really appreciate your suggestion – that should be the right spirit.

    I did contact one of their crew member before any release was put out there and same NO was answered.

    I already moved on another project and working on another table since I’m not in competition; I am happy with the result accomplished and I left any touch up to the community,  the response was GREAT – script was enhanced, desktop versions  is now a much better quality and hopefully more will come.

    Thank you for your words


    no problem for me guys, after each team does as they wish but I think that an association can be always nice and name all the people who participated to create only one table and a great compromise. good luck to all of you and thank you for this table.

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    Hey there, just to clarify in case anyone got the wrong idea, there’s no bad feeling at all between the authors of both tables. I fully support VPN in their version and in all the tables they do, but I’m using our version of the table and I (kinda) know how it works so far, and for me one of the main points of this exercise is to learn how everything works in visual pinball and what all the settings do, so I’m taking things apart piece by piece as much as anything to learn how VPX works and how it all fits together so that next time (if there is one!) it won’t be as…painful ;)
    “Combining” tables would mean I have to add something I don’t understand, and I don’t want that at the moment as I’m still learning.
    So there’s no ill intention at all, it’s just that we’re doing a version as an educational tool for ourselves as well :)

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    Excited to try this one out but script bombs out for line: UpdateMaterial “Flashermaterial” & nr,0,0,0,0,0,0,FlashLevelb(nr),RGB(255,255,255),0,0,False,True,0,0,0,0

    after I insert second quarter. Any ideas?


    Thank you!


    I just checked and UpdateMaterial is a fairly new global change. Only Clash, Pro this table and Doctor Who – from what I’m seeing has used it yet. It required a fairly new, if not latest version of 10.6 – so, you need to update.

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    100% yes that was it. I had no idea a new version was even out haha! Updated and works now.

    Thanks so much!

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