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    Star Trek the next Generation PuPPack.
    RESISTANCE IS FUTILE , here comes the STTNG PuPPack a beast of a table but now with nice Videoanimations matching the Gameplay.
    tested with rom sttng_I7 and the STTNG  table by  (Knorr)

    This PuPPack requires Pinup Popper and Pinup Player installed and updated to 1.4 or higher.

    System: Visual Pinball X (version 10.5+)


    -different options to fit your setup(default setup is for 3 Screen user with Lcd DMD and Topper)

    in the PupPack are you can overwrite the Existing files in your PUPackroot folder to use them .

    PuPconfig_2 Screen_notopper_norealdmd (for 2 Screen user without real dmd and without topper.)

    PuPconfig_2Screens_realdmd-withoutTopper (for real dmd user without topper)

    PuPconfig_3Screens_MaxPack (thats default Setup Action on all Triggers inkluded Topper)

    Extra( big thanks to Nailbuster for this nice feature) if you have performance Problems you can use Nailbusters resize ALL Media it will convert all mp4 to 2/3 size. so 1920x1080 goes to 1280x720 for example this will relieve your system if needed

    - OST Music (i used the Altsound Methode to mute the rom. Music is playing from PupPack.)

    -different Videos for all modes on every Level matching the Gameplay

    -different toppervideos

    -different Overlays for all Multiballs

    -works with all cabinet configurations (DMD can be positioned in the bottom text area if required there fore use the PuPconfig_2Screens_withoutRealDMD-withoutTopper file.

    -over 200 PuPCapture DMD images being monitored

    -over 430 trigger events to get all work

    -included Animations for all Secret-Modes (Videomode playpoker with Rijker,Videomode Breakout, secret hurryup mode, Secret mission)

    -works also with the color rom for sttng


    Visual Pinball X 10.5 All in One or higher installed (this is to include newest B2S Server):

    PinMAME 3.2 beta or higher installed:

    PINUP SYSTEM (1.4 or higher):

    PinUP System 1.4 FULLY installed and PinUP Player setup. (The Pinup Popper front-end is not required for PuP-Packs, for those who use another front-end)


    DMDExt 1.71 (32 bit/x86 files only!) or higher installed in your VPinMAME folder and configured to enable PUPCapture!

    This PuP-Pack relies on monitoring the freezy dmdext DMD for specific images to trigger videos and music (PuPCapture). This needs both the freezy 1.71+ "dmddevice.dll" file, and the Pinup Player "dmddevicePUP.dll" file in your VPinMAME folder.

    Ensure PuPCapture is enabled in the dmddevice.ini file (in your VPinMAME folder):



    Note: If you are using a real DMD, then ensure that the freezy virtual DMD is disabled in the dmddevice.ini file:

    ; a DMD that renders with nice dots on a computer monitor


    enabled = false


    In the PinMAME settings for STTNG (press F1 during gameplay):

    - you must have "Use External DMD (DLL)" enabled. This will enable the freezy dmdext dmddevice.dll to be used, which is needed for PuPCapture.

    Your DMD must be in English for all PuPCapture video triggers to work correctly!

    PinUPPlayerB2SDriver and B2S SERVER SETTINGS:

    Be sure that your PuPB2s Driver and B2S server settings are setup and working correctly so you don't get any errors.


    You MUST NOT have a directb2s running at all, or it will obscure the PuP Backglass!!!

    Simply make sure you have a copy of your favorite Ironman table (intended only for use with this PuP-Pack), and make sure it is named VERY differently to your directb2s file, so when you launch that copy of your table it won't launch the directb2s!


    Make sure you have no media displayed on your Backglass and Topper when launching the table from a front-end.

    Pinball X: In Games Manager, make sure you have "Hide Topper" and "Hide Backglass" enabled for the table you are using.

    Popper: In Games Manager, for the table you are using, enter -1 In the "Keep Displays ON" field (to not use Popper media on ALL Displays when launching the table)



    Ensure there are no files in your "PUPVideos" "sttng_I7" folder (if that folder already exists).

    Copy the PuP-Pack "sttng_l7" folder from the archive into your PUPVideos folder.

    This Pack comes with OST-Music so you have to use my altsound folder. Copy the content fom into your Vpinmame altsound folder. Overwrite or Delete your existing file or make a backup from your old altsound file. Press during Gameplay F1 And change Altsound mode to :1 . Restart the table, thats it. Enjoy highquality sound.


    If you have video stuttering or artifacts with PuP-Packs with VPX...  you most likely don't have VSYNC properly setup in VPX. Set "FPS Limiter/VSYNC" to 1, and "Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames" to 1 in VPX Video Options. This can also be set per-table in the Table's "User Customization" options, so check that as well.

    Having certain programs running in the background can also cause issues as they may interfere with VLC or prevent Overlays from displaying. Try closing out other programs / processes to see if that helps resolve any issues.

    If the OST music "during gameplay" isn't working correctly then you probably didn't update correctly.

    To make it CLEAR. You MUST be updated "properly" to Pinup System 1.4 for this Pack to work "correctly"! Some videos may not be triggering,

    If you don´t want to use Topper use another PuPconfig file that fits your System.

    If you don´t want to use OST Music go to PuPPackeditor and disable screen 4 and use your existing altsoundfile or normal rom music

    If the sounds to loud you can go to Puppackeditor screens Section and set the volume for screen 4 in percent (default is 80%)

    For other issues with getting a PuP-Pack to work, refer to the wiki:

    Reminder there is a thanks Button after the first Post in Support Topic (that can be used to say thank you for the Upload :) Comments are also appreciated.   Forgotten here is a video how it works if correct installed


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    Man… I have yet another awesome distraction from getting my own projects done. Can’t wait to check this out.


    Thank you for the wonderful pup-pack and I think this the great way To do the sound…
    F1 And change Altsound mode to :1


    where did the pup pack go??


    just tried this out… really amazing stuff here!!!

    thanks for all the work and effort you put into making these for the community!!!  great job as always!







    I have a 1280×320 topper any tip on how todo to get the best out of your puppack with that res.


    Your topper has an aspect ratio of 4:1 my toppervideos 3,41:1 . Because you do not need to do anything that would look good without the picture is too much squeezed.


    This is a great, wonderful, amazing puppack !  :yahoo:

    Thank you so much for all this hard work, and for making possible to play this puppack on a 2-screens (only) system.

    Works fine, and I must say the transitions between the game modes and the different overlays are FANTASTIC !  :good:

    Thank you, sir !



    Thank you for this amazing piece of work!

    Tried it…but it doesn’t do the job on my setup.

    Although my PC isn’t the slowest-on-earth (neither the fastest as well (i5-3450/8Gb/GTX1070) the pack slows the table to much down and then strange things happen like it’s still spinning the canon motors while they are already at their back position, the flippers which stay in the up position while released etc.

    I tried the alt-sound by itself and that works fine, I do think the 207 dmd-triggers together with the other triggers are a little to much (at least for my system).

    I don’t think it’s an video issue while the card should be able to handle it (and normally with other packs no problem) and I can already see it after pressing start: the options for shooting the ball are both on the Pup-backglass as they are on the (pin2)dmd but on the backglass they have already a (small) delay compared to the real dmd.

    That should be no problem but it shows that the pack slows the system already  and in game play to much.

    Nevertheless, for those where it does work, thanks for your work  :good:

    My favorite pinball machine?
    Where I can put my name on as Grand Champion....


    There must be something wrong in your setup i made this pack on an i5 3450 pc with a gtx 670 singlescreen and it works fine. Choose the right pupconfig file for your system. Look at your settings in vpx (look at twd support thread there is a picture from terry how the settings have to be .

    sorry I’ve missed I have an i5 4590 maybe it’s because of your hardware

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    Thank you :yahoo:


    Is there a supporting program I need to have installed to resize media for my setup?

    I tried to use the resize zip but nothing happen when I use it. My video stutters and I was thinking a lower Res might help. This Pubpack is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:


    Man are you good at making these packs.  Very well done thank you sir


    Read the script before using it. Should give you a few pointers to where it might fail. If I remember correctly, it assumes you’ve got a D: drive in your machine. If nothing happens when you use a program, I surely would be suspicious to why, and not be wondering why things hasn’t changed.


    just wondering what was updated in the pup pack??


    Only the youtube video as example how it works correct


    Hi Frank,

    Just got a typo in your support documentation :


    You MUST NOT have a directb2s running at all, or it will obscure the PuP Backglass!!!

    “Simply make sure you have a copy of your favorite <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>Ironman</span> table (intended only for use with this PuP-Pack), and make sure it is named VERY differently to your directb2s file, so when you launch that copy of your table it won’t launch the directb2s!”


    Fantastic effort – but you know that ;)




    Great Job… As usual wityh your PUPPACK …

    Thanks a lot  :good:   :good:   :good:   :good:   :good:


    So far it looks great.  I am seeing a screen pop up on my playfield which i assume is the topper video.  I dont have a topper in my cab.  Can you please elaborate where I am supposed to copy the PuPconfig files for the 2 screen setup.



    So far it looks great.  I am seeing a screen pop up on my playfield which i assume is the topper video.  I dont have a topper in my cab.  Can you please elaborate where I am supposed to copy the PuPconfig files for the 2 screen setup.


    Copy over the 3 that are in the puppack.

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