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    Hey Scotty (and Terry/all contributors). I’ve only recently had the chance to install the table properly and give it a spin. I know, I’m late to the party but better late then never. I’m super impressed with this release, surely if not the best original, it’s right up there. The level of polish in this game is incredible and I can appreciate why after completing this game, you’ve got aspirations of maybe making a real version. I’m not sure where you go from here Scotty but I sure as hell am looking forward to checking out whatever else you come up with.

    Fantastic game based on a fantastic show. It’s now going to be in my fav list as a top 10 table to show people when they come over to try the pincab.


    thanks bud appreciate the kind words.

    All the contract negotiations are kinda killing my buzz on the real table adventure. So i’m prob gonna let it be for now. So digital it’ll stay!

    Next planned table release will be Pizza Time, though i just keep adding to it and giving myself more work. But all in all it’s pretty close, layout, art, half of rules done. Need to animate 3d models, finish some rules coding, build the backglass, record the VO and playtest. Sooo probably still 3 months out.


    Really love the table esp. with the PuP Pack! Thanks for doing this it is really really appreciated!



    Scotty has said that the table and PuP-Pack can be posted again!

    Until he officially posts it on the site again, he said it would be fine to put a temporary link for it elsewhere.

    These links are TEMPORARY…. and the files can be removed any anytime.

    Stranger Things: Stranger Edition (Table created by Scotty Wic)

    Temporary Table and Files link:

    -this table REQUIRES Pinup System to be installed, and Pinup Player setup
    -do not use any directb2s with this table, and be sure there isnt one being loaded when the table is launched
    -copy the STLE.UltraDMD folder to your “VisualPinball\Tables” folder
    -table file goes into “VisualPinball\Tables” folder
    -copy STSE folder to your “PinupSystem\PuPVideos” folder


Viewing 3 posts - 201 through 203 (of 203 total)

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