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    Sultan (Taito 1979) backglass

    Thanks to Carlos for images and fonts.

    Sultan is a Taito version of Sinbad (Gottlieb 1977)

    As it is an SS rare table, there is no ROM and of course VPinMame doesn't support it So table and backglass uses Gottlieb ROM.

    But for backglass this is a problem because Gottlieb use less counters than Taito with small working differences:

    - Bally uses 6 digit score display, Taito's have only 5 digit - Taito has two more counters single digit one for match number at end of game one for player in play (or something like that) that will reman "blind" using Gottlieb ROM.

    But the biggest difference is that Gottlieb displays the typical 2 digit mach number using ball in play display, and even credit diplay shows 2 digit, so i decided to modify background making this two display bigger to fit 2 digits.

    For best result i used Gottlieb light ID, but because of this some parts of backglass can't work as should.

    Taito backglass has simple inner illumination, so i did not to use other Gottlieb light ID for light effects.

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    Good Day

    Do you have the rom of this table?


    It is explained in the top of the table. It uses sinbadn instead of sinbad. This becase the actual rom for this Taito seems to be lost.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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