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     Matt Bini 

    You will get it working I am sure. Best of luck



    Love the interactive topper! T2 is a great movie and ditto table so thanks!

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     Matt Bini 

    Thanks Senseless, it was great fun to do, that Pinup capture software is so easy to use.


    I had a friend ask me if there was a way to turn off and on the ColorDMD in F1 rom settings, through the table script, so that you wouldn’t have to shut off the ColorDMD to activate this topper.

    Why do this you may ask?

    Because if you have another version of T2 that does use a ColorDMD, it could become a hassle changing back and forth in the F1 menu, from regular to ColorDMD.

    Instead of trying to figure out how to shut off ColorDMD in table script, I went a different way.

    I think I have a solution to where you don’t have to uncheck your ColorDMD in F1 rom settings, when using this topper.

    So the instructions tell us to shut off ColorDMD and set numbers to 192,192,192 for the topper to work properly.

    (Not sure if this works, as Pup Capture doesn’t work on my Vista64bit, so this is just in theory so far. My friend I think has tested it, but hasn’t confirmed it works yet. He does have to sleep you know!! I think he is making video of it.

    Here is what I told him…

    Leave that ColorDMD checked in F1 setting,

    Then add this color DMD script to Table_Init Sub.


    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red”) = 192
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green”) = 192
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue”) = 192
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red66”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green66”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue66”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red33”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green33”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue33”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red0”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green0”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue0”) = 0


    This should work to get his 192,192,192 numbers only.


    now we need to try and change back to default on table exit….

    (This is the default color setting when you first click ColorDMD in F1 rom setting.)

    Add this to very end of table script.

    (This part will be same for all Pup Capture tables to exit to default ColorDMD except the ROM name in script.)


    Sub Table1_Exit():Controller.Stop

    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red”) = 255
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green”) = 88
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue”) = 32
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red66”) = 225
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green66”) = 15
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue66”) = 193
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red33”) = 6
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green33”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue33”) = 214
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_red0”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_green0”) = 0
    Controller.Games(“t2_l8”).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue0”) = 0

    End Sub


    This should take it back to default colors of the ColorDMD.

    As I have used something similiar to this script command to turn rom sounds back on with table exit, on my sound mods.

    Perhaps this would be good idea to include this info for all Pup Capture Tables.

    So they wouldn’t have to change anything with their color of dmd, to get the Pup Capture to work.

    It could be hard coded into table script, to make sure they are using proper starting color, and on table exit, return them to their default ColorDMD settings.

    (So other tables that use same rom will not be effected.)

    What do you think?


    I was finally able to get my PuP working 100% with the help of Nailbuster so thanks again for that Nailbuster.

    I was finally able to get this working and check it out.
    I really love what I’m seeing here. And let me just say this…..hitting start with no credits is just plain awesome!
    I love all the clips and really enjoy watching them as they pop up……I think though that I have some performance issues at times with this pack. The skill shot sometimes doesn’t seem to work correctly now….the 5 flashing targets lights on the left side don’t work properly at times….seems like the lights don’t light alternately as they are supposed to. Also at times the ball just freezes on the playfield as a video plays and then starts rolling again when the video stops. I’ve not experienced this with any of the other PuPpacks and I have them all. I’m thinking of playing around with some of the settings to see if that makes a difference but haven’t tried that yet.
    Thanks for putting this together and sharing…..I really enjoy it.

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    I wanted a way to use this topper for only 1 of my t2 tables and this is what I did


    ‘in Table1_Init

    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_red”) = 192
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_green”) = 192
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue”) = 192

    ‘then added these lines

    Sub Table1_Exit()
    With Controller
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_red”) = 255
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_green”) = 88
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue”) = 32
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_red66”) = 225
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_green66”) = 15
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue66”) = 193
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_red33”) = 6
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_green33”) = 0
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue33”) = 214
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_red0”) = 0
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_green0”) = 0
    .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“dmd_blue0”) = 0
    End With
    End Sub


     Matt Bini 

    Hi Xenonph , Some have said that it works even when set to red, The vpmame light grey colour is what I use in Vpmame and I assumed it is what would be needed to work as that is how all the captures have been taken.

    I read your idea and it is a very clever one. Unfortunately I am sure though you will still have the Background T2 topper running, as that is not run from Pup captures but is forced on.

    I have another idea and am not sure it will work but if you have two T2 tables and you only want it to run on one, on the one you dont want it to run on, maybe untick activate plugins on the backglass setting for that table.

     Matt Bini 
    This reply has been set as private.

    Slydog43 was the one testing lastnight, and what he wrote above your last post, works for him, and I am sure it will work for others!! So the PinUp is not activated when playing another T2 table.

    Thanks for your contribution to the community Mattbini!!

    Even though I am unable to use it right now, I still appreciate all who contribute anything to this community!!

    Great job!!

    Carry on.


    if you want to have this T2-Pup-Pack only on certain T2 tables you have…   see


    Works great, thanks for posting. :good:


    Thanks Matt, good idea

    I am looking for T2 cabinet decals, please send pm for offers.


    Works Great Matt Thanks!! :good: i have no topper, set it ForcePop on my dmd.


    so after reading all f this, was there a definite solution to the issue of the t2 judgement day still pic on topper.  I don’t have any videos playing for t2.  I do have avatar, tron and b2tf working.   on a side not where is afm and other pinup packs?


    Finally got this to work by  enabling External DLL” in the rom config window.  The only problem is that it pops out another dmd along with the original but it always originates on the playfield.  Can you set parameters for this dmd to appear on the 3rd screen or move it and it actually stays where you move it


    dmddevice.ini inside vpinmame


    If I change that will it screw with the rest of the tables that don’t use external dmd,  or should I be using that for every table.  Kinda confusing


    Of figured out how to move it.   What is the difference between using the standard dmd and the external dmd dll.

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