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    I have all my menu setup and working….

    but when I launch a game the load screen stays on and the backglass task bar pops up and you can see the backglass and table running but in tabs…

    I’m new to this front end and just setting it up so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong…

    I’ve put some video up to show what’s it’s doing

    thanks in advance for any advice as to what I’m doing wrong…




    Follow this guide when setting it up first.



    Yeah I followed the guide and think I’ve done it all correctly..

    should I delete it all and start again??


    I had this problem yesterday: VPX and B2S were leaking.  What I found out was I couldn’t use the same exit key as “Menu Return” as exit key in VPX.  I’m using “Q” in VPX to quit, the default and I set it to “Q” also in Popper for Exit Emulators.  That key should be used for anything else in Popper.

    I don’t know if it did something or not, but I also added “-exit” just before “-play” in the launch command for VPX.  I found that on another thread for PinballX.  Since I did both thing, VPX and B2S are no longer leaking when I quit a table.  As soon as I set back the exit key in Menu Return, it starts to leak again.

    I hope it helps.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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