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    Full rebuild of Totan in Blender, all prerendered for 4K resolution. Thanks to:

    Original build by JPSalas in 2015

    all physics and most of the script by Rothbauerw, all visuals by me

    High res playfield and plastics - Clark Kent

    Beta Testing and Table Reference - Randr

    DOF - Arngrim

    Special thanks:

    Knorr, for sounds from his soundpack

    nFozzy, for physics techniques

    G5K, for rendering advice

    For best performance use these settings:

    - use 10.6 beta version 3751 or later, otherwise the lamp normal map does not work properly

    - no brute-force 4x SSAA (is not necessary), but quality SMAA

    - exclusive full screen

    - Ambient occlusion, ball trails, screen space reflections all off

    Other remarks:

    - right magnasave button changes the LUT, see script options

    - it is advised to keep the POV settings as they are in the download for the full screen mode; all textures have been prerendered for this POV

    - day/night slider does not do much (only on lamp and playfield), use LUT to change contrast/brightness

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    OMG is this happening!????


    Wow! that is impressive… Thanks Flupper and team!



    Absolutely gorgeous!


    This weekend is going to be the best! Thank you so much Flupper! For how long have you worked with this table?


    Holy crap. Would ya look at that detail. Just look at it. Very nice work. Thanks.




    ohh boy, its gonna be a late night tonight.

    thanks for this, awesome guy

     Mike da Spike 

    Wow. Thanks. Really need to get home soon …


    UFF i hope i can Play that “real” Thing with my GTX 750 … :good:   B-)
    Amazing ! :-)


    OMG! Splendid!


    @philippe : I don’t have words in my English vocabulary to express what I feel about the works you’ve laid down here. It is no doubt the best looking table we’ve seen to date and I’m having hard time seeing that it will even be possible to match it in VPX. You picked the perfect time to release too. Came home from work,  popped a beer, started to browse the vp sites and here it is. I’m heading to the fridge right now, and the pin next.

    I feel I can’t thank you enough. But, that is unfortunately all I have to offer !  :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :heart: :heart: :good:

    Ah. Forgot to say thank you to the rest of the guys in the excitement. I know you all are important and needed in order to get such great end result. Huge thank you to you too guys !

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    Holly Man!!! Thats Unbeleivable!! SOOO PRETTY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    UFF i hope i can Play that “real” Thing with my GTX 750 … :good:   B-)
    Amazing ! :-)

    I’m playing it on a 650 and it is smooth as ice. Desktop mode though.


    I love that back glass sitting on the floor in desktop mode. looks amazing with the lighting behind it.


    Thank you for your incredible (team) work! My working from home day is about to get seriously derailed!!

     Ben Logan2 

    “Friday!!! Quittin’ time.” Can’t wait to play this tonight. Thanks for making my weekend, Flupper.


    Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!! Thanks!!


    Incredible, thank you so much for this awesome work! :good:

    Link to dmd colorization files for those who are interested:

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    • This reply was modified 2 months, 4 weeks ago by  NetzZwerg.
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    Omg.  I work from home and I just left for something simple and got this notification.  Randr’s app notifications creating abnormal anxiety again😉I’m the most angry and excited I’ve been in a while!  Can’t wait.  Been following this closely.

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