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    A small PuPPAck for Williams Taxi including Topper.

    tested with rom taxi_l4

    More of an animated BackGlass.

    For this pack no db2s backglass is needed (so delete or rename before).

    To trigger the videos I also had to use switches and lights (unfortunately this is not so accurate).  Therefore it can come to small errors with the video playback. Who would like can try to get it even better. (I could not do it unfortunately.) Have Fun with it.


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    And here a preview Video how it works

     Mike da Spike 

    One of my favorite tables. Thanks

    I hope your puppack will give same extra’s to this table


    way cool! Thanks


    Very cool idéa! Way better than the regular backglass, hope to see more “small” pup-packs from you! Thanks!

     The Loafer 

    Just looked at the youtube vid. This works well to enhance the experience, well done!


    with a small change to puppack editor,  i tried having it keep the normal directb2s and popup videos over.  good option if you’d like to keep original.

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    if you want to continue using the b2s backglass you can use this config. Then the b2s Backglass incl. Jackpot will be shown as background. and only when a video is triggered it will be shown. Just copy the 3 files into PuPVideos/taxi_l4 and overwrite the existing ones.

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     Rik L 

    Update works so smooth.


    Loving your puppacks, breathes new life into an old classic. long may you continue to do these. :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    love the option to leave the original backglass and get the pup action videos (ball lost, etc.).  Would love to see more of this on more tables.  Great work

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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