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    Wrd says to me, would you like to do another Date East table, I just brought home a tmnt.  Before I thought about it I said YES.


    This was one I wanted to work on since I started building tables.  I had attempted to gather resources and even started a really sad playfield redraw.... but anyone that’s looked knows there are pretty much no good resources for tmnt.  So, Wrd stripped his table took around 500 pics for me over the course of the build.  I stitched together a playfield best I could and started a redraw.  (if anyone asks you to redraw a DE playfield, don't do it )  Table is a complete scratch build.  I did peak back at edizzle’s pm5 version to double check things here and there though.


    Once the table was built Wrd fine-tuned the position of everything.  It really does play great.



    As always check the top of the script for a bunch of options.  I left the playfield Oooze on by default because it’s worth it.  :P





    Me: table build, playfield redraw, ramp decal redraws, ramps, lots of little primitives here and there.

    Wrd1972: COUNTLESS resource pics and answering of far too many silly questions.  Physics and table fine tuning.  Plastic scans.

    Roth:  Being a code wizard and for putting up with Wrd and me. (understatement of the century :P)

    Dark: Turtle Models!!!! and other small primitives here and there. (I did resize the turtle images to make the file size sorta reasonable)

    Flupper: Flasher Domes and Ramp Tutorial.

    Hauntfreaks: He made a pass and did the awesome things he does.

    themotherbrain: testing and feedback

    nFozzy: I'm using his new fading lights + a few tweaks by me.

    DJRobX: SSF code and thanks to RustyCardores for showing me the way, you can't go back!!  Ball drop tweaks by Roth and me.

    Last but not least the developers and other table authors.  This community is nothing without everyone doing their part!!!!!!





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    Cowabunga! Looks absolutely stunning cyberpez can’t wait to take this one for a spin.

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    looks fantastic. will be trying this one on the cab thanks everyone :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android


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    WOW … Guys, thanks, a nice surprise, while i wanted to go to bed, but not yet … :good:

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    Thanks cyberpez and team, downloading right now, reading your posts is easy to realize that your baby was cooked on low heat and with tons of love, amazing table for sure. Pizza time!

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    Awesome! Can’t wait to fire this up tonight! :good:   :good:   :good:

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    Damn. I know how much time you’ve spent on this and the preview looks AMAZING ! Seeing the list of people involved I’m very confident that this is going to be one of those special tables that will be played again and again. For me it will be a first as I never really bothered to play the previous vp versions or have had access to a real table before. A HUGE thank you to you Cyberpez and the team and resource providers : wrd1972, Roth, Dark, Flupper, Hauntfreaks, nFozzy, DjRobX, Rusty with QC tester themotherbrain.

    Was planning on heading to bed as Stat, but, no – this I need to play :rose:

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    Thanks a lot and looks great!

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    THANK YOU! :yahoo:   :yahoo:

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    Ben Logan2

    Master Splinter would be proud. You guys hit it out of the park here. Thanks!

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    Thank you Cyberpez and team for bringing this table to the next level!
    Followed your WIP a while and pleased to see this baby released.  :yahoo:

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    Now….that’s a BIG Team effort.. so,

    thanks CyberPez, Wrd1972, Roth, Dark, Flupper, Hauntfreaks, themotherbrain,
    nFozzy, DJRobX, Rusty


    great table! Thanks you all for your hard work!    :good:

    My favorite pinball machine?
    Where I can put my name on as Grand Champion....

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    Beautiful table Cyberpez!   Thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the team put into it.   :good:

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    Thanks for all of the hard work by all of you! As always it is much appreciated. Cowabunga! :yahoo:

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    Thank you Cyberpez and Wrd1972, Roth, Dark, Flupper, Hauntfreaks, themotherbrain,
    nFozzy, DJRobX and Rusty for this masterpiece.

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    Very fun to play. I’m sepecially amazed by the glowing green effect when turning on the script options.

    Just a small details in case u update the table and want to take a look, the peg at the bottom of the left plastic I think it’s missing the screw, and the one at the right side maybe is a little too high cause the hole on the plastic between them. I decreased the shape of the light inside the left top dome cause when it was lit u can see a little the white shape outside it (and a personal preference I changed the size of the flares too). I feel the shame saying that, cause the table looks spectacular.

    Thanks again and congrats.

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    Totally awesome!

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    It is Wednesday, my dudes.


    Cyberpez chose to the right day to release this radical table.


    Many thanks.

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    The one thing about this table that really stood out in my mind, is the breathtaking PF redraw that CP did. I dont think there was a single minor detail that he left out and the fact that he stitched it together like he did from dozens of still pics, is still blowing my mind. No joke, DE playfields are a MF to redraw.


    The other thing that is super impressive, are the turtle models. And again, only resources were still pics.  Job well done Dark.


    “Roth: Being a code wizard and for putting up with Wrd and me. (understatement of the century :P)”

    Could not agree more here. The assistance he has provided can only be described as invaluable.


    Really hope all you guys enjoy the table. Lotta ass busted on this one for sure. :good:

    My VP Pincab /MAME Arcade Specs: MSI Micro-ATX Z390m MOBO, Core I5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz, 16GB NVRAM, Nvidia 1660 Super,

    40" PF Sony gaming LED TV, Dual 23" monitors in the backbox , Pinscape w. expansion board, Full DOF - Full MAME arcade support

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    I am having two issues with this table:

    1. If I run the game in 10.5 I get a “Line 1: Object not a collection” error. I don’t get this in earlier betas of 10.5.
    2.  The flippers don’t work at all for me.

    I don’t use the default key settings.

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