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    I followed the MJR guide to get addressable matrix to work

    So- I had the “all white LEDs” problem. Instead of soldering the two connections (pins 15 and 16)- I added a jumper. This seems a smart move to me, as I wasn’t sure I was doing it correctly. So- I close the jumper and: succes! It works! The matrix was no longer all white and it shows the patterns I expected when testing on a few tables. Real nice.

    Now comes the issue:

    1. I reset the computer.
    2. I start a VPX table.
    3. The small light on the Teensy, indicates it is processing commands (slow blink at boot- quick blinks when effects are expected, etc)
    4. Nothing happens on the LED matrix. Not a single effect is showing.
    5. I remove the jumper.
    6. Still nothing happens.
    7. I remove the Teensy USB (still without the jumper)
    8. The Teensy is plugged back in.
    9. The matrix shows all LEDs in bright white.
    10. I place the jumper
    11. Now start a VPX table: Everything works!

    So far it seems I cannot get the LED effect to work without manually closing the connection between pins.

    The cabinet.xml and dof config seems to be okay as the Teensy light blinks as expected when testing it with the DOF testing table (ie. pressing ‘w’, causes the small light to blink quickly for a second).

    Any suggestions to fix this problem?


    After some testing- it appears that sometimes just unplugging and replugging the Teensyboard also fixes the issue; strangely before unplugging, the board seemingly reacts as expected on the DOF test table, just the LEDs don’t light up. After plugging it back in, the LEDs react as expected.

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