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    You have/had? that really cool 3 monitor setup. I raced the early Papyrus Nascar years and Grand Prix Legends. Got the itch again (I need another Winter obsession besides pinball – LOL) Nothing fancy – Gamestop had a great deal on a TM TMX Pro Wheel with the T3PA pedals and a year of iRacing for free. I’m using a single 27″ monitor. Paddle shifting. I’m a big GT fan and some open wheel. I may do a 3 monitor cockpit after Christmas or a large panoramic single monitor. Not quite into VR yet. Maybe at some point.



    Yah, I still do…but this damn pinball thing has soaked up a lot of my time. :)

    I no longer use 3 screens. They were 42 inch TVs so it spanned almost 10 feet! I also used to have three 27 inch monitors before that. That is where my pincab screens came from.

    I now use a single screen, but mostly I play in VR for whatever titles I can. I also have 12 transducers (like SSF kind of) on the simpit controlled by Simvibe software. Those 2 combined together are awesome!

    If you can get a good resolution 21:9 curved monitor, I would consider that. Pretty much everything well work nicely with that, whereas 3 screens are a pain, and dont work for many titles.

    My Logitech G25 wheel died recently, so I temporarily use an older Logitech GT Driving Force for now, until I bother to replace it with a new wheel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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