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    A virtually reality version of TAF complete with entire room and other items. This

    version of VP is very much in it's infancy and will run fine on a high-end pc. Seems to be very CPU dependent with a higher clock speed is recommended. File is still being optimized so stay tuned for any further updates. For any support and help please follow this thread..


    V0.5.2 Changelog:

    Optimized room primitives, final primitive alignment, compressed all images. removed unused items from original table and accompanying images, corrected lighting, disabled ball shadows (option in script) removed train mod, removed phone mod. moved "T_H_I_N_G" lights to correct position.

    V0.5.4 Changelog:

    The "T-H-I-N-G" lights in backbox are now aligned and have the corrected images.

    Turning off the Packard mod made a noticeable improvement in performance (can be turned off in the F6 menu).

    Other minor fixes and tweaking.

    Added G5K's warm color grading images. Quote:

    Having seen some of the photos from Addams being quite blue I made a few LUTs to try and warm up the lighting. The ones with ‘bright’ shouldn’t change your highlight point, the ones with ‘dull’ will rolloff the highlight and make it less bright and warmer. On my monitor I’ve already got it set fairly neutral to warm and found my blues went a bit purple for my taste so made some options that left the blues alone. All explained in filenames but ultimately its the eye on whether it is getting better, worse or different

    Process; open table, select image manager from top menu, import images. Click on backdrop in toolbar, open options palette if not already open, 3/4 way down there is a colorlookup drop down. Select one (these will all go to top of the list because of underscore). I would then saveas before trying as depending on if you’ve run it it might crash and you’ll have to redo. The joys of authoring in VPX.

    ps. The best results will come with calibrating your monitor to be less blue.

    V0.6.1 Changelog:

    Changed playfields of AFM and TOM.  Both machines now have mocked DMD's working.

    Analog plunger now working (Zeb's Board plunger) Some value modifications may be required depending on plunger being used on your machine. Thank you Slydog43

    Some minor improvements to shading and lighting.

    V0.6.7 Changelog:

    Optimized even more images on TAF

    Started baking the lighting in the room. (Just the four walls)

    V0.8.5 Changelog:

    Optimized more room primitives and textures. Still have plenty of headroom.

    Added some finishing touches to DK and the TAF cab.

    Finished baking most of the lighting for the room objects. Thank you G5K

    V0.8.8 Changelog:

    Temporarily cut the DMD so it can be fully viewed.

    Fixed the majority of primitives in the playfield of TAF that were flickering.

    Other various changes and optimizations.

    v0.8.9 Changelog:

    Replace DMD with flasher DMD

    Added missing DMD elements

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    dont post any support questions here!!!
    do it here
    I cannot close this or push breaks and will create a new one on every update :wacko:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    Thanks for the update! im at least saying thank you here :)

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android


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    The Loafer

    I finally tried it man I’m blown away. If rift s supports higher res I’m buying it

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    This is really nice! Hats off to you! Makes the already nothing short of impressive experience of VR Visual Pinball complete!  The moving doorknob gave me a bit of a jumpscare though lol  :yes:   Funny how silly things can get to you just because they are unexpected. Nice touch though!

    Any plans on touching up some of the other tables and putting them into that nice room? The Star Trek Next Generation one is high on my list.

    I tried a few tables myself in VR (HTC Vive Pro) and read some reactions about other tables that supposedly work ok with the DMD. Here’s my list:

    The use of .directb2s backplate files seem to make the scoreboard smaller. This can be a problem
    when playing the mini games on screen since details become difficult to see and/or read.
    Lighting issues like too much bloom, too dark a table or a weird moving light connected to the headset movement can be fixed
    by changing the table’s lighting parameters.

    The Simpsons Pinball Party – DMD missing, Intermittend flickering of the whole table/startup problem
    Super Mario Bros Toys Edition 1.3 – No balls…

    [Scoreboard/DMD doesnt show up]
    MUSTANG by Dozer – DMD missing
    Jurassic Park – DMD missing
    Monster Bash – DMD missing
    Dracula – DMD missing
    Creature from the black lagoon – DMD missing
    Pirates of the Caribbean – DMD missing
    NBA Fastbreak – DMD missing + Ball can get stuck near shot clock
    South Park 42 Edition – DMD missing
    Star Trek Mirror Universe Edition 1.0 – DMD missing
    Star Wars Triligy Big Laser Gun Edition 1.6 – DMD missing
    Tron Legacy 1.3f – DMD missing
    TRON Legacy (Stern 2011) The Grid Edition – DMD missing
    Sharp Shooter Fast revolver editon 1.1 – DMD missing
    Js Ghostbusters Slimer v1.2.1 – DMD missing
    Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball (Bally 1991) 2.1 – DMD missing / Left scoreboard missing. Also headset movement constrained spotlight on playfield

    [Very slight graphical issues]
    Star Trek The Next Generation – Looks good, but a bit dark and completely white inside sidepanels. Also weird headset movement constrained texture overlay visible on backpanel. Fix below: (Headset constrained light fix might help with other tables too):

    –>Fix table darkness
    Properties of table –> Light Emission Scale –> 9500000
    Properties of table –> Light Emission Color –> Change to very slightly yellow/white for a slightly warmer tone
    Properties of table –> Environment Emission Scale –> 5

    –>Fix headset bound light
    Properties of table –> Disable environment emission image

    –>Fix white sidepanels
    Material Manager –> Sidewalls –> Set base color to Red 5, Green 0, Blue 5, Lum 5
    Select element –> Korpus (double click) –> Go to the options/properties window –> Select under image ‘Black Wood 1’

    –>Remove borg ship normal mapping
    Select element –> borgshipcustom (double click) –> Go to the options/properties window –> Remove normal map

    Wheel of fortune – Looks good, but a yellow glowy light near the right rear side is rendered incorrectly/very big on top over everything else –> Set Bloom Strength to 0.1
    The Walking Dead Limited Edition 1.5 – Looks good, but with headset movement constrained star texture overlay visible, mainly on the sides. Minor annoyance. –> Remove environment emission image
    The Walking Dead Blood Mod Edition 1.2 – Looks good, similar to Limited Edition but also with a lot of weird light on the plastic ramps –> Remove Normal maps from ramps
    Star Trek Asteroid Edition 1.8 – Looks good, but with too much glowing light from flashers. Also a bit dark overall –> Bloom strength to 0.1 and up the Light Emission scale
    Funhouse (Williams 1990) 1.3 – Looks good, but DMD/scoreboard positioned flat on the right of the table.

    [No noticable graphical problems or other issues]
    Adams family – Looks good
    LOTR – Looks good
    Twilight Zone – Looks good
    Elvis – Looks good
    Rollercoaster Tycoon – Looks good
    Medieval Madness – Looks good
    Elvis – Looks good
    Attack from Mars – Looks good
    JP’s Ironman – Looks good
    Monopoly – Looks good
    Spider man by JP – Looks good
    Black Rose – Looks good
    Batman Dark Knight – Looks good
    Tales of the Arabian Nights – Looks good
    Indiana Jones The pinball adventure NZ&TT Edition 1.2 – Looks good
    Fish Tales VPX v1.1 – pinball58 – Looks good
    Ripley’s Believe It or Not (Stern 2004) v1.0.3 mod – Looks good (little bit dark though)
    Guns n Roses Jack Daniels Edition 1.08 – Looks good
    ACDC Premium Edition 1.5 – Looks good

    [Not tested, but should work ok according to others]
    Indy 500





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