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    It's Showtime!!!! This is one of my favorite tables for sure.  It has everything I love about pinball!!  Crazy ramps, great callouts and sounds, a great light show and a theme of one of my favorite shows.  Nothing up my sleeve....  presto............ The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Fiends. I'm finally calling this one done enough (for now).  I've been working on this off and on since the VPX beta days.  Pretty much 5 years now.  O_O  For those looking to get into VP table authoring, this is not the table to try and cut your teeth in blender with.  I think I've built and rebuilt about every object 3 times.  (ramps a good 5)  But I'm finally happy enough to share one of my favorite tables with everyone. This was a scratch build.  Playfield I stitched together from some high-res photos I found online.  Plastics are scans from FBX.  Ramp decals, custom sidewalls, and a few other things I redrew myself.  Most all of the 3D models I did myself.  I know there are probably a few from Dark and Zany hiding in there somewhere.  Sliderpoint was a huge help off and on with this build.  He took a ton of pictures of his real machine.  Measured all of his ramps and tweaked the VP ramps to get them just right.  He also took videos of all of the SOL sounds that I edited and used for most all the VP table sounds.  He also helped align and tweak the placements of objects early on.  A while back Wrd came in and fine-tuned the physics.  For what its worth I think it plays great. You will need to use the latest 10.6 version of VPX.  As always, check the top of the script for options!!!! -------------------- Credits/Thanks: Me: table build, playfield stitch, ramp decal redraws, ramps, lots of little primitives here and there. Sliderpoint: Resource pics, ramp and table tweaks.  Big help making this table great!! Wrd: Physics, playtesting and other tweaks along the way Roth:  Being a code wizard and for putting up with Wrd and me. Playtesting. Dark: Different models here and there FBX: plastic scans. themotherbrain: testing and feedback nFozzy: I'm using his new fading lights + a few tweaks by me. DJRobX: SSF code and thanks to RustyCardores for showing me the way, you can't go back!!  Ball drop tweaks by Roth and me. Last but not least the developers and other table authors.  This community is nothing without everyone doing their part!!!!!! Victory for the good guys!! -cp

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    This too is one of my favs and boy did you do it justice. Looks fantastic.

     The Loafer 

    It looks fantastic Cyberpez, well done to you and all who contributed!


    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Looks amazing pez! I didn’t think you could get it much nicer than the WIP I’ve been bumping but man what a beauty!</p>


    thanks for the table, looking forward to playing it tonight.



    Just WOW!

    Thanks for sharing!



    Thanks and a big compliment to the total team…

    Awesome!   :good:

    My favorite pinball machine?
    Where I can put my name on as G.C....


    Thank you for all your hard work.

    Looks Fantastic!



    Now this is a table looks great


    Beautiful., thanks.


    :good: :good:   :good:

    Don’t Forget the awesome Color ROM:


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    Hey Rocky!! Watch Cyberpez pull a fantastic pinball table out of his hat!!

    Your work is appreciated!!

    Thanks to all involved!!

    Carry on.


    Looks fantastic…Thank You!

     Ben Logan2 

    Always a quality release from you and your team, Cyberpez. Loved Back to the Future. Can’t wait to try this!


    You couldn’t have picked a more worthy project. Looks fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work, especially the attention to accuracy that you and the team had.


    Thank you very much for this VPX. It looks fantastic and can’t wait to get home from work to try it. TGIF!!!  Thank you Cyberpez and everyone on the team for a fantastic looking table.


    Thanks for Sharing Cyberpez, and to everyone who helped, looks and plays Great. :good:



    Be damned the POV and whatever BG popped up.  I was in a hurry to check this out!

    Really glad this was done and done amazingly…I’m going to use an emoji…and I hate emojis – –  :yahoo:

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    Looking forward to trying this one out!  Thanks for all of the hard work.


    Can’t be anything else than excited seeing who has been involved with this table. Top men has been hand picked it seems. :good:

    Still not tried it, but, I’m sure it will be a winner. Thank you very much each and everyone of you :rose:

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