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    I had a good time reading through last year’s end-of-year brag thread.

    Let’s start one for 2019.

    Some really cool projects happened in 2019 including some very out of the box VP projects. We gained and lost some very talented people. New collaborations happened. We received a final 10.6.

    SO: What did you do in VP or pinball in general? What are you most proud of? Who did you find out is really awesome? What game did you play most in 2019?


    Ok. I’ll start. I didn’t create anything from the bottom up this year. But, well, I did try my best to help randr run this site throughout the year. I went to a couple of real pinball tournaments and I’ve begun to get the confidence in that I’m not that bad of a player. Playing on a local club’s machines you will always start out for a disadvantage.

    On the VP side of things, I’ve learned a few more tricks from you “old timers” that I’ve applied to a few tables. The “repo” project is more or less completed even though I must have hundred of un-released changes for ssf.  Considering releasing a few more as I’m a bit disappointed to how much copy and paste is going on without even trying to include the “new” stuff that has hit the surface in the last year(s) or so.

    Want to take the opportunity, since this is a “summary” of 2019, to thank especially you @bord and @rothbauerw for the blender videos and those “easy” to follow physics guides. @wrd1972 should also get a shutout, he shared we me a spreadsheet with suggested default values, that I’ve used as well,  Exported most of the physics stuff into materials that I use, taking small bits here and there. The only guy I do blueprint copy of for Gottlieb tables is @borgdog physics.

    I could go on for ages ranting about this hobby and each and everyone of you. I’m not going to. Except, I want to give a extra pat on the back to Tom. He really have done a lot this year, from being just a whiny ( haha – joke ) guy to really doing great work. In the start he needed a bit of help, but, well, I’m impressed by especially Hardbody – yeah, ok, Matt too, a great team it seems. You see where this leads to … I won’t be able to end.

    Just want to mention that 2019 was the year that I met @jpsalas in real life and even though it was only for a couple of hours, what a great guy, not only on the VP side of things. I hope and believe we’ll meet again. And really looking forward to it.

    I can’t round this of before I mention @randr – can’t thank you enough for this site and what you’ve done and continue to do.

    And, I’m sorry for anyone that I haven’t mentioned. There is a lot of you, I just have to end this … – before it becomes too much text to read. Just look back at previous subjects, If I’ve given you a like, that means you are one of the guys/and gals I do appreciate. Easy as that.

    Happy new year everyone.

    ( had some typos and had to fix – and of course guys into guys/and gals )

    Oh, if forgot to answer the last question – so a new re-edit. There is many great playing vpx tables now. Probably the best emulated one in my mind is Whitewater. But, since I haven’t played a real “Alien Star” I can’t really pick between those. Sstarting to mention tables. Fuck- Paragaon etc. There is honestly at least 40 tables ( just a very quick count from my old brain) that looks like the read deal and play very close to them too. So, that is the hardest question to answer. I simply can’t.

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    I’ll need to have the wife help me type up my reply :( look for it later tonight

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    In 2019 I found out I am a Wheel Bag.  Does that count?


    Last year at this time, my 2-screen cab had taken form and I was starting to really enjoy my accomplishment.  A short time after that….I started hanging out on this forum more and more and BAM! – – by the middle of January the back box was torn apart, the cab surgically reconstructed and a 3rd screen added.  Thanks guys!  That re-do took a lot of staring.

    While very new to this community, I feel I got in at just the right time.   I missed out on the drama and the tables you guys are releasing are absolute magical illusions that I love fooling people with. – – “What am I seeing??  This isn’t real?”

    I’ve mentioned this in various threads – –  for the past two years I feel like I have been taking master level courses, for free.  And I cannot thank all you professors out there properly.  Every day I’m learning something new.  Randr, Thalamus, thanks so much for your work here.

    Damn, just checked the PBX info log and apparently there are some tables I’ve played for ‘days’ over the past year?  That can’t be.

    Coolest build-thread for me this year – – BANANA FLIPPERS!!

    Greatest achievement – – me somehow keeping a VERY attractive woman from dumping me.

    Happy New Year all!!


    2019 for me was a GREAT year for VP! We got 10.6 from the devs and i think VPVR was introduced in 2019 too?! wow how cool is that?

    For this site i want to thank @bord for probably then nicest vp tables we have seen in vp yet and the huge number of releases! @3rdaxis for the top quality releases he shares, @g5k for Flinstones, Addams and more!, @dark for helping yet again on a few tables! thanks dark!, @borgdog for everything as always, @32assassin for always helping out on builds and your nice table releases!, @knorr for your great releases! top top notch stuff!, @sliderpoint for work, @wrd1972 for all your tables wonder what you are working on now?, @blacksad for nothing but TOP quality stuff…amazing stuff @skitso for all your detail mods!! wow, @senseless for sharing your work too!  @loserman76 for all the fantastic tables you have shared!, @armyaviation (Tom) for probably being the fastest improving author in 2019 and just a great guy! thanks Tom,  @jpsalas for everything you do for the community every year! thank you sir, @wildman for all the backglasses! @arngrim for dof configs, @terryred for all you do for everyone!, @nailbuster for producing such great new software, @stat your always willing to step up to help so thanks to you too! @jfr1 for always commenting and just being a great contributor! Thanks to the pincab passion guys too for all their builds! All the other users sharing their wheels here AND everyone else i didnt mention as the list could be much longer just look at this list from memory…its crazy!

    A special thanks goes to a few people..

    you have gave us SO much in vp from ball drops to physics improvements and your non stop help with code on dozens of builds! I am also proud to call you a true friend thanks Bill VP will never be the same thanks to your contributions.

    what can i say….you sir are the best of the best! helping with SSF or answering peoples questions AND NOT JUST HERE but ALL sites!! thank you for all you do but a special thanks for all you do here as moderator!

    @bruce (outhere) another guy that helps out at ALL THE SITES! He answers almost all questions and provides the link to back it up! Not an easy thing to do but he never fails to help people and for that you deserve a TON of thanks! thank you outhere!

    I know im forgetting people….But i will say a special thanks to EVERYONE who contributes to VP in anyway they can on ANY SITE if its just a thank you or a comment in forums that is enough fo me to say thanks to a great 2019!

    Wife didnt hep me with this so excuse all my spelling/grammar errors :(

    Lets make 2020 the best year yet!


    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android


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    2019 was mostly a selfish “me” year. Finally got cab running again after being down for well over a year. Lot’s of catching up to do. Been busy with real life, so I’m still updating tables and software even now. Thanks to the table author’s of course but I’ll make another shout out to @thalamus for the script repo. It came at the right time, and I was basically able to run a complete quality control test on all his repo commits. Also, a shout out to @joey2001 for the POV repo. Thanks to @toxie and @DJRobX, SAMbuild version of VPinMAME is all but retired and deprecated. That’s a good thing! Finally got the assets to bring the Cactus Canyon Continued game code up to date. Final round of updates on Stern media packs at VPU. And made a few more contributions at Inkochnito’s.

    I don’t give out a lot of thanks, but I try to thank by giving back when and where I can.

    Happy new year!

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    I got my virtual pin out of storage, upgraded the TV to 4k (wow what a difference) adjusted my flipper button heights, and then got it back into my basement where I play it all the time again.  Also updated to all the latest tables including Fastflips before someone went and made a script repo :whistle: Also just finally got around to Installing and running “popper”

    As far as real pinballs went I sold my medieval madness remake as it just did not shoot the same as a Williams :unsure:   I bought a Data East Star Wars and did a full playfield swap, as well as completely stripped, repaired, repainted and decaled the cabinet.  Proudest moment was turning it back on for the first time  and everything worked perfectly!!  Now I’m starting on my Flash Gordon play field strip, adding a hardtop, then cabinet strip/repair and new stenciled paint job

    I always hate to name names as I feel bad when I miss someone.  So I will just says thank-you to all those that have contributed or helped out in whatever way they can.



    I will be short. 2019 was amazing for me in VPX and here in I try to give back more and more for the much i got here, hope sometimes i succeed hehe.

    The community here is simply breathtaking, so much helpful skilled people who addicted in visual pinball. I check the site more in a day, sometimes when i was in bad mood vpinball helped.

    About tables: I won’t mention any author here becouse there are SO MUCH who made beautiful tables,blackglasses,mods, physics, script changes etc etc i don’t want to miss somebody.

    To be honest my biggest “missing” feeling in vpx was the Sega tables, i still don’t know why those wasn’t in spotlight from 2016-2019 but it looks many of them in the works now :yes:

    About missing authors / new collaborations i want to ask something for 2020@every author who read this: Please don’t care those FEW people who criticise your(our?) job or the ones who sell cabinets with vpx tablets, dont go away from this beautiful hobby becouse of them…becouse the most important thing is: there is always “FEW” who don’t deserve anything, but MUCH MUCH MORE who deserve… those are only the very few….

    I wish every of you a very peaceful, rich in new vpx tables 2020.

    I want to thank you for everything, i try to give back more in 2020 too. I just do graphic jobs, but i hope it matters ;-)


    Cuphead was the big one for me in terms of time and brain power … learning the basics of VBS was tough but I loved the “eureka!” moments when it started to make sense. I also enjoyed learning  from @loserman76, @cyberpez, @borgdog, and @bord. And working with @thalamus and @xenonph on SSF and audio.

    Then started dreaming up Steampunk Metal Works in August to create a table that is as much an auditory SSF experience as it is a game and visual one. I don’t expect to have it done until summer since it still takes me a while to process VBS.

    There were so many awesome releases in 2019. The speed at which tables are released is amazing to me considering the complexity … but the one that stands out for me is the TOTAN re-do by @flupper. (I love the selectable LUT options.)

    I’ll call out a thanks to all the helpers and encouragers who are quick with a positive comment, or an answer to a question. And if you’re a creator, developer, or mod, I’m grateful that you share your passion and creativity with the rest of us.



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    I wish all the best to everyone in 2020 and would like to thanks all those for the kind words about me.  2019 has been a great year for me and the community.  We have seen some great tables come out and I got the opportunity to learn from the best so I could contribute.  I am not going to go into detail but I would like to thanks all the people who have helped me along the way, either contributing to my success or being a great mentor to me.  @randr, @bord, @thalamus, @borgdog, @32assassin, @rascal, @rothbauerw, I hope to hell I didn’t miss anyone, you have all been amazing mentors  and I thank you.  Also people like @terryred, @loserman76, @wildman, @cyberpez,  @sheltemke, @jfr1, @arngrim, @stefanaustria all the many developers and many more thanks for all you have done for me and the community.  I have never been a forum kind of guy but the last two years has been more fun than I could ever have imagined and I appreciate all of your friendship and kind words especially your randr.  Lastly I would like to thank @mlager8 for teaming up with me on the last few tables and hopefully more to come.  He does amazing work and will be a valuable asset to the community in the future.  I have really enjoyed working with him and even having conversations about worthless nonsense.  Thanks bro!

    Hopefully I did not miss anyone, I had to write it because if I had my wife do it, it would be three times as long and have taken a week to get done. :good:

    and I just figured out I can “like” my own thread!

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    I think it was a slow year for me VP wise. did get a few releases out with special thanks to @bodydump for sharing resources with me.  big thanks, like everyone else, to @bord for all the wonderful blender work he does and helping me learn a little of it.  thanks to @randr for this awesome site, thanks to @rothbauerw for his great physics tutorials and coding wonders, and thanks to everyone who contributes to the community.

    spent a fair amount of time learning fusion360 making some little primitives for VP, always fun to get the calipers out and reproduce objects.

    real pinball is occupying more of my time, with projects piling up, having a blast with my Alien Star Resurrection project. bought a few pins and diversified the early SS collection with Williams Firepower, Bally Lost World, and Stern Dracula. sold a couple to make room including Cleopatra and TimeLine. have projects Sinbad and Royal Flush Deluxe waiting in the shop for their turn, and at some point want to get back into my homebrew project.

    Hoppy New Beer to all, have a great 2020.


    @borgdog yes cactus jacks was a great release! I always had bodydump/darks wip so forgot that was released! Great table you did and thanks for finishing it!

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    It’s a good thing I post videos of almost everything I create on my Youtube channel to remind me where the last year has gone. :)


    Since I’m in the military I tend to spend a good amount of time away from home… but I still was able to do a crap load of stuff. Some that interests the Visual Pinball community…. some that VP guys have no interest in. :)

    • DOFLinx Effects – the largest “rom” on DOF Config Tool :) Add DOF and MX Leds to any program (triggered using button / key presses). Your custom cabinets need this!
    • DOFLinx Effects SUP ini Creator
    • DOF Config Tool tour video
    • DOF Config Creator – I completely updated the spreadsheet that DDH69 and I created and made it into a tool that anyone can use to create DOF configs and effects for any table.
    • Video tutorial showing how to update a table (Star Wars Data East) using DOF Config Creator
    • LOTS of testing of Pinup Popper updates and new features
    • using Nailbuster’s accidental discovery of transparent 24 bit videos to give Popper some cool new transparent loading videos. This started a bit of a loading video craze in the community!
    • Popper Text Zones – I created a text standard for Popper that allowed “themes” to be used. This is huge as it allows for the power of Popper’s SQL database and it’s many data fields to be usable any way you want, anywhere you want, and look the way you want in Popper.
    • constant testing of Pup and Popper for the big 1.4 release
    • created a crap load of themes for Popper. T-ARC, T-BAR, Portrait, Landscape, HD, 4K, on the Backbox, Desktop T-ARC, Desktop T-BAR, etc. Complete with media, FULL install instructions… and PICTURES!
    • Jaws VPX PuP-Pack
    • Tron Legacy: “End of Line” PuP-Pack
    • Jaws (FP Ultimate Pro) PuP-Pack (not released yet though)
    • my Virtual Pinball: “Software Essentials” videos on my Youtube channel (TerryRed). Wow… this kind of just happened and proved to be VERY popular. Amazing isn’t it? I can spend weeks / months working on something cool like a table update, DOFLinx Effects or PuP-Packs and get a few hundred views on my Youtube channel. Then I create these tutorial videos that are literally just me going from memory and installing stuff on the fly… and it gets 1000’s of views within a small amount of time. Go figure.
    • PuP-Packs on Top! I was figuring out the best ways to make PuP-Packs for all systems work in a single screen Desktop setup. This inspired a new app from Nailbuster (PuPWinPos.exe) to make things easier and is now part of the PuP install. I then created a tutorial and batch files to work with almost any setup.
    • extensive testing of BAM’s MANY new features for Future Pinball. Total game changers.
    • adding real lightsabers to SLAMT1LT’s Star Wars DSA (Ultimate Pro)
    • creating my massive RetroFlair – BAM Edition update to rom’s excellent FP table. This was a HUGE update that made use of many of BAM’s new features
    • Testing the new COM Extensions plug-in (made by Nailbuster and Ravarcade) for FP-BAM. This is HUGE! This one plug-in allows FP to now use COM objects. This means that FP can directly use DOF and PUP and ALL their features. This means that all PUPDMD features can be used with FP now! (DOFLinx is no longer needed for DOF / PUP for FP)
    • PinEvent: this is the big one! This is my new WIP standard for FP that unifies and standardizes DOF, PUP, PUP SSF, PUPDMD. This will allow any table updated to support PinEvent to run on ALL setups…cabinet…vr…. even desktop users who don’t have DOF / PUP installed. Super simple to use… but totally customizable for any cabinet / vr / desktop setup.
    • RetroFlair – BAM – PupDMD update. This big update show just how amazing a new modern PUPDMD can look compared to 128×32 dots.
    • PUPDMD Framework update for PinEvent: I have spent a lot of time updating Nailbuster’s excellent PUPDMD Framework while integrating it into PinEvent. Features like flashing , Zoom, Scroll, multi-lines with different colours, etc can now be used easily. As a result all FP tables can now completely replace the FP DMD scores and text with a modern PUPDMD that supports 4:1 LCD DMD, Real DMD, and the new Stern style 16:9 FullDMD.
    • Halloween (Ultimate Pro 1.02) – PinEvent update. My HUGE update that fixes many bugs in the game and allows all modes to be completed and even added an “end game”. I also added complete PinEvent support for full DOF, MX Leds, SSF, PUPDMD and PuP-Pack. This table was my testing ground for my updates to the PUPDMD integration to PinEvent.


    There are always so many people to thank in the community… so if I missed anyone… please know that you aren’t forgotten or appreciated… I’m just getting older.

    • @Nailbuster for all the many updates to PuP / Popper over the last year… and for having patience when I persist on creating a new “standard” for something and ask a million questions.
    • Nailbuster and Ravarcade for the new COM Extensions plug-in for FP. This is a total game changer
    • @DDH69 for all the hard work he puts into updating DOFLinx. Thanks for adding in my new feature requests. FX3 and FP feedback wouldn’t be the same without him!
    • @Ravarcade for the MANY MANY updates to BAM over the last year! So many game changing new features added, and so many long desired options now added. Future Pinball today plays much better, looks stunning, and has features we could only dream of years ago. Also, FP in VR is simply amazing!
    • @Thalamus for supporting this site, for his SSF updates… and for the extensive help he gives on all sites
    • @DJRobX and @RustyCardores for SSF
    • @outhere for the crazy amount of help he gives to EVERYONE and EVERYWHERE on almost everything!
    • the many VPX table authors who produce some stunning stuff. Too many to list. The bar was raised really high this year. Wow!
    • VPVR devs for doing what many thought was impossible
    • the various devs for VP / VPinMAME / DOF / B2S Server / dmdext, etc. @Toxie, @Flupper, @swisslizard, @mjr, @freezy, @DJRobX, @Herweh, etc. Without you guys, we wouldn’t be here.
    • @SLAMT1LT for coming out of hiding and interacting (briefly) with the GoPinball guys to get up to date with new BAM features. He really busted his ass to release some fantastic tables / updates that make use of many of BAM’s new features. Excellent tables that show great examples to learn from.
    • @GeorgeH for providing lots of FP support, and for doing some great table updates and examples to learn from
    • @Gimli. The BAM features master! If there is a new BAM feature… chances are Gimli has created some great examples / tutorials to learn from. His FP VR specific work is really cool!
    • @Fransisco666 for coming out of hiding!
    • @Tarciso Caleiro, although he isn’t really into VP much now… his fantastic work and media has very much changed how frontends look! Long live the Tarcisio Theme!
    • @The Loafer for letting me test / borrow his Rift S to help determine my new VR upgrade options
    • all the various VP sites and their owners / mods (VPinball, VPU, vpforums, GoPinball, pinsimdb, pincab passion, FB groups, etc)


    The most important thank you…. thank you @randr for everything you do for the community and this great site! … and for cool t-shirts, mugs and hats! :)


    There are so many to thank that this list could go on forever…


    In the new year, I hope to eventually get my Lord of the Rings VPX PuP-Pack done! I also hope to get more FP tables updated to modern BAM standards as well as PinEvent support for DOF/ MX Leds / SSF / PuP / PUPDMD.


    However, in Feb it’s possible I may get deployed to CFS Alert (that’s literally the North Pole) for 6 months, so it’s a wait and see what happens. If that happens, then my Internet access will be minimal and crappy. So any updates I do for anything may not be released until I get back.



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    The Loafer

    2019 has been a great hear Virtual pinball hobby wise.  It seems we keep hitting through ceilings we thought were unattainable.

    pup packs:  I mean look at how they have become more and more than just vids playing on a backglass.  Now we can see scoring, we can see DESIGN in how they are all put together. To be fair some of this came out in 2018 but there has been maturity in this area this past year

    VPX in VR!:  yes the impossible is now possible and much better than I would expect!  Now we have people making “rooms” for the vpvr release.

    saucer physics:  an amazing and not subtle improvement in this area that bridges the gap to real pinball (to some extent)

    Overall vpx physics improvements:  not only have we seen great and positive debate in this area but that very same debate and now bled into more and more table releases

    vp originals:  This past year we’ve seen growth in this area, both in design and aesthetics .  Too many people are stuck on playing real pins. Broaden your pincabulary people, try them out

    Contributing members (testers and forum helpers):  Too many to name them all and most have been named above. Everyone should understand that these are people giving of their time and efforts without hesitation and tirelessly.  Well done and a reminder we all contribute in our own way

    on a personal level this next year should be interesting as I am planning on retiring at the end of October 2020.  This means I may finally have the time to install contactons, new plunger, tilt bob and speaker grill that I bought off Zebulon sometime like 4-5 years ago.  I also hope to finally have the time to delve into pinup front end and also those addressable led thingies…. but knowing me I doubt I’ll get to this stuff, it’s kind of like getting all the tables, part of the fun is in the collecting I guess lol


    seriously a big happy new year to all and thanks again to all authors and contributors and yes a special thanks to all site owners.  This hobby is never boring and although politics tend to sometimes lead to too much drama; let’s remember if there is drama it’s because we are all passionate individuals, and this passion is evident in the quality of the Individuals and the many excellent releases


    on a side note, this hobby is so amazing that I was looking at my vpx tables folder and for the first time in the history of our hobby, If someone would say “you can only have 100 table releases, the rest all need to be deleted, I have to admit, for the first time, I think there would be many deleted they would hurt.  The overall quality of the releases have grown in leaps and bounds and there are very few that fall flat now.

    The Loafer

    @TerryRed: I’m gonna want that rift S back before February then … lol


    This has been a fun read. We should all give ourselves permission for a bit of hubris now and then.

    I started the year trying to get a bunch of long-term WIPs off my plate. Goin’ Nuts, Pin*Bot, JackBot, Magic Circle. Some of those began in 2016 or 2017.

    Meeting up with @scottacus and his brother in April was really fun and led to our Cross Town project.

    In the second half of the year I tried hard to up my 3D modeling skills and start building games from scratch in Blender, only introducing VP after modeling and rendering was complete. Space Shuttle, Genie, Stingray were all built this way and those games top the list for my favorite finished projects.

    There was even some proxy adventure thrown in as I corresponded with @theloafer via SMS in realtime as he made a photo resource pilgrimage for a secret 2020 project.

    This year I bought my first two real pinball machines: Moulin Rouge and Meteor. Each are/were projects that I’ve enjoyed immensely.

    Really the best stuff was working with smart, interesting, generous people. I typed up a list of two dozen names that I worked with on one project or another this year and deleted it because I knew I’d forget someone equally as awesome. If you’re reading this and we’ve interacted on this forum your name was likely on the list and THANK YOU. Whether you helped gather resources, play tested, shot the breeze or helped me troubleshoot my pinball machines, it was truly a pleasure.

    And duh, @randr. You’re the best.

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    Happy new years everyone!

    2019 was probably a record low for me in terms of contributing VP content.  It’s more of a time issue and I was getting pretty burned out on modelling pinball stuff so I kind of needed the break any ways.  As they say however, distance makes the heart grow fonder and I’ve really been craving to get involved again.  So more recently I’ve tried to fit smaller scale projects in here and there with a ‘no promises’ tag attached.

    Though I haven’t been as active I’ve still been around lurking, keeping an eye on development.  I’m more than half tempted to make a ‘stubby cab’ and look into getting things running in VR.  What do you guys think is VR the future of vpx and or virtual pinball in general?  I kind of would like to build a full sized cab with a 4k playfield some day but one thing that is a real detractor is the floor space it would take up.

    Any ways I’ve been fascinated to see things develop and see new tables come out and vpx itself evolve into it’s current iteration.  Appreciate everyone’s hard work and it’s what inspires me to get more involved again (I’m still trying to catch up adding a lot of the nice new tables!).

    I’m still pretty short on time currently but as the year goes on more free time should open up for me and I should hopefully be able to take on some more ambitious projects.  I have a few older models I’d like to update with normal bump maps as well as a couple I’d like to try from scratch that I’ve been gathering resources for.  When randr has more free time as well I’d like to work with him to reproduce one of the machines he owns – love working with the guy so hopefully the stars will align to make that happen.  :)

    Something that would really spark my interests right now would be some new resources found from some deep forgotten abyss for a more obscure 90’s era pinball that we haven’t seen a good recreation of since vp9 or older.  A lot of the titles aren’t ones people generally go crazy over but I’d like to see Godzilla made since it has cool toys and crazy looking ramps for example.  I’d like to see good resources for Waterworld maybe just because it’s so obscure.  This was kind of what made me feel inclined to help out on the Goldeneye wip, just because it’s one of those more obscure tables but has some really cool features.  Any ways you get the idea, I just wish we could source some new resources for some tables that feel like they’re being lost to time.  Six degrees of separation would have us think those hidden resources are just a few phone calls away.


    Best of luck to everyone in 2020



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    @dark, it has been great to see your contributions popping up again. Happy 2020.


    A lot of the titles aren’t ones people generally go crazy over but I’d like to see Godzilla made

    That sounds hearthwarming from you Dark… Thank you for everything you done already.

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