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     Onevox (PeteM) 

    NOTE: Distribution of this file on a computer, virtual pinball machine or any variation of such device, which is sold as part of a product, or making this file available to download from a website, or via a file transfer process, without my permission is strictly prohibited. All characters, logos, and Flash themed graphics are the property of DC Comics. 

    This is a sight and sound mod of The Flash. Visual mods by Vogliadicane. Sound mods by Xenonph. Big thanks to both for their contributions to this.  I would like to do some more sound mods especially for the 2x and 3x awards and bonus point awards at end of ball, which will be reflected in updates. (Must learn more about scripting). Enjoy.

    New Graphics and Sound Enhancements:



    - all new designed bumper caps

    - all new designed flippers

    - yellow rubbers added


    - imported new environment image (by Hauntfreaks)

    - Changed Light emission color for a (slightly) warmer look


    Sound Mod coding of special music and sfx

    Music by Blake Neely, "The Flash" TV theme on The CW. Sounds are various from free sfx sources.


    Additional sound coding education and help.

    Additional changes:

    Darkened the back metal wall and rubber post caps

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    WELL! This is getting fancy now!

    thanks guys looks great :good:

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?

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    WOW, what a rush! This is like a whole new experience, so cool, Steve Ritchie would be proud! Thanks guys  :yahoo:

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    Thanks Pete for the update. Great work on all the music and sounds, Xenoph! :heart:

    And thanks DJRobx for helping out!

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    Great. I haven’t had time to play a few of the newest releases much yet. But, this looks great and I’m really looking forward to this weekend. :yes:

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    Thanks to all involved for sharing this great looking original.

    Very good that the dB2S is also inside the table file  :good:

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     The Loafer 

    There are some sound effects used that are just fantastic.  Amazing how sound along with a new theme can just change the feel of the table.  This is one of the better theme mods I’ve seen and the funny thing is I’ve said this very same thing a few times lately.  That’s a good thing as it shows how there are more and more contributors brining their own contributions


    big thanks to Vogliadicane and xenonph too

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