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    These files allow 2 Screen users to enjoy The Goonies Pinball Adventure table by positioning the DMD correctly on the backglass by using an alternate PinUpPlayer.ini file that will not affect any other table. **This is for 2 Screen users only-Backglass/Playfield. I made this for 5:4 and 4:3 backglass users like myself. You can edit the PinUpPlayer.ini to fit your resolution. Details here:

    Download the table here:

    A big thank you to Javier for his original release. I made a new backglass image to incorporate the speaker/dmd grille.

    The.mp4 file is not needed. It is my Backglass in Popper.

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    Yeees !!! 💪🏼

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    Thanks for this! The per game ini is a mindblower and I don’t understand how you changed the dmd…

    I have tried for a while to add a topper to this one and can’t get more than a brief flash. Any idea how?

    Here is what I’ve tried

    ‘ PinUp Player Config
    ‘ Change HasPuP = True if using PinUp Player Videos

    Const HasPuP = True

    if HasPuP Then

    Const pTopper=0
    Const pDMD=1
    Const pBackglass=2
    Const pPlayfield=3
    Const pMusic=4
    Const pAudio=7
    Const pCallouts=8

    Dim PuPlayer
    Set PuPlayer = CreateObject(“PinUpPlayer.PinDisplay”)

    PuPlayer.Init pTopper,”TheGoonies”
    PuPlayer.Init pDMD,”TheGoonies”
    PuPlayer.Init pBackglass,”TheGoonies”
    PuPlayer.Init pMusic,”TheGoonies”
    PuPlayer.Init pAudio,”TheGoonies”
    PuPlayer.Init pCallouts,”TheGoonies”

    PuPlayer.playlistadd pTopper,”Topper”, 1 , 0
    PuPlayer.playlistadd pDMD,”DMDBackground”, 1 , 0
    PuPlayer.playlistadd pBackglass,”BackglassBackground”, 1 , 0
    PuPlayer.playlistadd pMusic,”MusicGamePlay”, 1 , 0
    PuPlayer.playlistadd pMusic,”MusicMultiball”, 1 , 0
    PuPlayer.playlistadd pAudio,”Musicintro”, 1 , 0
    ‘PuPlayer.playlistadd pAudio,”pCallouts”, 1 , 0

    PuPlayer.SetScreenex pTopper,0,0,0,0,0
    PuPlayer.setScreenEx pDMD,0,0,0,0,0 ‘lets show the DMD at default position.
    PuPlayer.SetScreenex pBackglass,0,0,0,0,0 ‘Set PuPlayer DMD TO Always ON <screen number> , xpos, ypos, width, height, POPUP

    ‘Set Background video on DMD
    PuPlayer.playlistplayex pTopper,”BackglassBackground”,”The Goonies Trailer.mp4″,0,1 ‘should be an attract background (no text is displayed)
    PuPlayer.SetBackground pTopper,1

    PuPlayer.playlistplayex pBackglass,”BackglassBackground”,”backglass4.jpg”,0,1 ‘should be an attract background (no text is displayed)
    PuPlayer.SetBackground pBackglass,1

    ‘Set Background video on DMD
    PuPlayer.playlistplayex pDMD,”DMDBackground”,”backdmd.jpg”,0,1 ‘should be an attract background (no text is displayed)
    PuPlayer.SetBackground pDMD,1

    PuPlayer.SetScreenex pAudio,0,0,0,0,2
    PuPlayer.hide pAudio
    PuPlayer.SetScreenex pMusic,0,0,0,0,2
    PuPlayer.hide pMusic
    PuPlayer.SetScreenex pCallouts,0,0,0,0,2
    PuPlayer.hide pCallouts
    ‘ PuPlayer.SetScreenex pTopper,0,0,0,0,2
    ‘ PuPlayer.On pTopper

    ‘Init TextOverlay on PUP Screen

    PuPlayer.LabelInit pDMD

    End if

    dim usePUPDMDDriver ‘En lugar de UltraDMD para hardware, podemos reflejar el DMD al hardware DMD.


    if usePUPDMDDriver = true then

    dim PUPDMDObject
    Set PUPDMDObject = CreateObject(“PUPDMDControl.DMD”)
    ‘PUPDMDObject.DMDPlay “C:\Visual Pinball\Tables\PinUPPlayer\PUPMenu\DMD\elvis.gif”
    END IF


    IMG_4518 (1)

    I used the Configure Displays/ Locations setup in Pinup Pack Editor. I made no changes to the table script. I do not have a topper but I assume you could do the same with that as I did with the DMD.

    1. Backup your current PinUpPlayer.ini
    2. Load TheGoonies in the PupPack Editor
    3. Click on Configure Displays/Locations button
    4. Set your Topper where you want it.
    5. Save the Configuration. This will overwrite your default PinUpPlayer.ini in your PinUpSystem folder. Copy that new file to your TheGoonies PupVideo folder.
    6. Overwrite the current PinUpPlayer.ini in the PinUpSystem folder with your backup you made in step 1.

    When The Goonies loads it will pull your display setup from the .ini file in your TheGoonies PupVideo folder and not your default setting for all other tables.

    Hope this helps.

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