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    Try this one

    You’re on 10.6 final

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    thanks, now if I load without this error, but I get this screenshot
    File ‘C: \ Visual Pinball \ Tables \ The Goonies_VPX_1.03.directb2s not found. Please rename or dowload the macching directb2s backglass file.
    I have the PinUp and it loads me and I can play and everything but I don’t know how to get this message out so it doesn’t come out every time I want to play


    Load a table with a b2s. Right click on the backglass and there should be a box that says error message without backglass. Make sure that’s not checked.

    Hi my name is Barry and I'm a virtual pinball addict.


    Still got trouble with the DMD.  got 3 screen setup and my dmd is a 7″ lcd screen.  Default is set as full screen but this table got trouble keep it full screen so some time got double text one fit and one like stretch.  No background image or nothing like the youtub exemple couple post before.


    Just to get my DMD set full screen with no transition could be cool.




    This is such an awesome table. But does anyone know how to activate the topper? I added a video in the topper folder from the Pup pack but its not showing when i launch the table. Everything else is showing, backglass and dmd, just not the topper. anyone have this issue?



    Great table. Few issues though if someone can help out. The DMD/score screen that shows up, how do I reposition or resize that? I am also still getting the script error about fpxpv.vbs, even though I have tried the one in this post with the link and also from the newest vpx 10.6 minimal install. Also cant see to get the popper DMD to show. Could use some help with that. Thank you.



    I noticed that mine was off slightly too.  The only way I was able to adjust the dmd to fit was to adjust the the dmd xypos in the pinup display configuration.


    Deal with it for now – there is an update coming – eventually


    I apologize friends for not being able to answer your questions at this time, my father has serious health problems a while ago and for that reason I am not very active.

    Working in VP has always been like a therapy and in recent days I have been able to work on some projects that I have but I don’t know if I will be able to continue doing it until this situation with my father is over. I make this clarification so that they understand the reason for my absence.

    As for this table .. an update that has Nail Buster will be released shortly.


    Cheers, Javier..

    "Learning without thought is vain, thought without learning is dangerous." (Confucius)

    "Aprender sin pensar es inútil, pensar sin aprender es peligroso". (Confucio)

    Please, if you can help me with a small contribution to update my work team and continue to make more tables I will be eternally grateful.

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    The Loafer

    Best wishes that all will be ok with your Dad Javier



    Family is always first. Tell your dad hello from Minnesota.

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    Take care of the family, The game will wait..

    Hope everything turns out OK for your Dad


    This table doesn’t support multiple players. I was hoping to keep it on my cabinet but it has to stay off for now. I said the same thing with Three Angels. It’s like FP developers don’t have friends. Then they get converted over without multi-player support.

    Outside of that, you did a nice job with the conversion. It looks great.

    I wish the best for your father.


    @irondragoon : No one is holding you back from adding multiplayer.


    @thalamus I actually might. Scripting is well within my skill set. I had to mention it though as it’s a thing that’s been going on for years, no slight against Javier intended.

    Right now, I’ve been working on a bunch of missing Tarcisio Style wheels as I load tables. I think I have around 20 so far so those will be uploaded soonish, especially if there’s interest. I’m not the best with graphics but they blend in well enough with the ones from that giant pack on the site.


    I also made a program to mass update DMD placements/sizes. It’s a console program and not as nice as the winform one I’ve found online but it works pretty slick. I haven’t decided if I’d release it or not.


    To get it work with real-DMD, in the script, replace the line “usePUPDMDDriver=false” by “usePUPDMDDriver=true”

    I had a DMD remaining on the backglass anyway so I commented the line ” ‘PuPlayer.setScreenEx pDMD,0,0,0,0,0 ‘lets show the DMD at default position.”

    Hope it will be DOFed soon.

    Thanks a lot for this great table

    If I set usePUPDMDDriver=true than it wil fail on lines PUPDMDObject.DMDPuPMirror and PUPDMDObject.DMDPuPTextMirror

    I will wait until a newer version will be release as @outhere mentioned

    You have an older pupdmdcontrol.exe in vpinmame. you’ll need to grab latest from here:

    Thanks @nailbuster.

    Finally get it to work.

    After copying the file, needed to register the exe again and that gave me an error that it could not find DMDdevice.dll. Copy in the same directory did a PUPDMDControl.exe /regserver and working now.

    I am still unable to get this working with my Pin2DMD…

    I changed this to “usePUPDMDDriver=true”

    And commented out this line: ” ‘PuPlayer.setScreenEx pDMD,0,0,0,0,0 ‘lets show the DMD at default position.”

    I grabbed the PUPDMDControl.exe from the link and put it into the C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME folder.

    I  already had the DMDdevice.dll in the same folder.

    Opened a CMD prompt with admin access, did the PUPDMDControl /regserver command, and still get:

    Script Error:

    Line 2778

    Object doesn’t support this property or method: ‘DMDPuPMirror”


    Any thoughts?


    Try this PUPDMDControl.exe


    Try this PUPDMDControl.exe

    That works.  The quality looks really bad, and it still shows on my backglass too (where I moved the virtual DMD previously) that I will have to sort through.  Maybe I can change some settings and see if the quality is better.


    UPDATE:  I just had to move and disabled (hid) the PinUp DMD so that works.  The DMD graphics are still pretty ugly, but at least they are on the Pin2DMD now.


    I managed to get pupdmd to run using these settings but the display appears to be compressed into the center of the DMD.  Where does pupdmd get its height and width settings from?

    - Wonky builder of the steampunk Nikola Tesla cabinet & Starfighter Cabinet


    Great table thanks!!!  :good:



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