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    I totally agree, This is a perfect example. I would love to be enable and disable F1 USE SOUND via script but I have not figured out how to. I did ask a few people but did not receive responses. I would love to add that to any updates.  If you can share this info I would be grateful and I would implement in any table I do. Also I agree about vpmalias being quick fix that will become a bigger issue.  I’m sorry I got so defensive because I felt it was directed at me “not helping” but I do try.  When I do my add ons I do my best to not alter anything that messes with the playability of the table and solely focus on adding music and sounds only.


    Would this work? Literally just received this message from the guy I asked on youtube. I was trying to make this happen already.

    So turn off the rom sounds by adding the following line:

    (add under line 140 (hidden = 1), so this new line should be 141.) .Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“sound”) = 0 ‘1= rotated display, 0= normal

    And finally this line should be added to the last line of the script to restore the disabled rom sounds if you could play the source (Kiss) table later:

    Sub table1_Exit():Controller.Games(cGameName).Settings.Value(“sound”) = 1:Controller.Stop:End Sub


    That is right on the money. It is needed in order to anyone to play the “original” Kiss after playing a mod that turns it completely off without restoring it. Doesn’t help though that there are maybe 4-5 rock encore out there and other “mods” with the same missing, but, essential line.


    Ok, to answer at least one of the questions here, YES the problem happens on the original table before mods were done. It is not the fault of the mod.

    It only happened to me once before we started the mod and recopied the NVRAM and didn’t see it pop up again for a long while so thought it was a fluke.

    I ran it for weeks without issue wile modding and the problem did not return for me till after the 1st music added version of the mod.

    I then backed upthe modded table, removed it totally and ONLY ran the original table for a while, it happened again.

    So I did some experimenting to see if I could isolate the issue. After making the NVRAM read only it has NEVER repeated for me…ever, not once.

    I reloaded the modded table and completed all changes without the issue returning.

    This is why I suggested making that the fix. I don’t know what mistake in the original table makes this happen. I just got into this January 2020 and have tons to learn.

    Maybe the mod exasperates the problem to it is more frequent for people but without a doubt it happens on the original table as well.

    ALSO: I don’t think based on what I read that anyone means any disrespect to anyone else, at least I hope not. We are all in this together and if there is an issue or a problem I would hope we would help each other out and not try to drive a wedge in the group we have here.



    Thanks guys. I gave up on the table. It’s too complicated to have to reach my F3 on a regular basis. I really hope this gets fixed in the future. My family is big fans of Star Wars/The Mandalorian. I appreciate the help anyway!


    Absolutely loving this table the pup pack gives the table the next level of enjoyment…

    one little problem I seem to get faint ball trails and ball shadows which does give me some ball stutter ….I have that turned of in preference and get no other stutter with any other tables and pup packs is there anything in the script to turn off…

    thanks mozzie


    @mozzie Try the table without the pup pack and see if it still stutters. Nothing in the script to turn off.

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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