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    Are there any sources of building a table up from scratch.

    Templates for standard size playingfields. Dinensions of playing fields, how to get pictures transferred onto playing field. And adding stuff via the editor etc.

    Basically a start to finish tutorial to get into this project. Scripting I can do already and just working up the special syntax for the editor etc.

    Any and all information is great please.

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    Ok having had a lot of hunting for information and the lack of answers,

    1024 x 1024 pixel squares make up the framework of 2 Horizontal X 4 Vertical so the blank table is 2048 x 4096. The WIDE table format seems to be 3072 x 4096 (as yet I have no real proof of this its just a guess)


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    Those are just images sized to the power of two since that is fairly standard for game engines. That image will be stretched to whatever the playfield size is that you set.


    Probably best to work in high resolution at your actual playfield size (20.25″ x 42″ 150dpi for example) then scale to one of those sizes when you’re ready to finally output for a game.

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    Not quite sure what a lesson in Binary has to this post but many thanks.


    So from that I can take it that an image would be stretched over the playing field to suit the size.

    And you say the playing field dimensions are roughly 515mm x  1067mm (20.25″ x 42″ 150dpi for example). So the playing field for pinball machines is not a factory standard or regulated size then, just the size you fancy building it?

    And the images you work on use the full sizes not scaled down or stretched up. So if for exaple you want a playing field of 600mm x 1100mm then work on the image at those dimensions and a decent DPI (dots per Inch or centmetre) resolution to giuve the best background?

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    A playfield can be any dimension / ratio you want… realistic or fantasy.

    For “real” tables, I don’t have a reference to use, as there are many different sizes. A “widebody” playfield may have a different size and ratio depending on the manufacturer as an example.

    The playfield texture image resolution should ideally match the exact ratio of the playfield. A 4K resolution for the height of the playfield is ideal so it at least matches a modern 4K monitor / display… but it can be larger.


    As for a beginning to end tutorial… nothing stands out to me like that for VPX. There have been a few tutorials from various authors for certain parts, but not a complete start to finish. That’s frankly A LOT to cover by anyone. Myself, I learned mostly by looking at other table examples… and I actually learned alot from FP’s manual (as vp and fp use vbs)…though that may not be helpful for all things VPX (it spoils you in some ways as some things are easier in fp).



    Ok, Ive found a PDF online with some guidelines and tips for getting started. Have to admit I do like to make help files up on new projects, even if it is just for my own use. That way I see it grow step by step and learn a number of ways on each subject, read it, examine its code, play with its function settings and of course write what I find in the help manual.

    Im not expecting miracles in minutes, bit to old in the tooth for that. Ive seen some Tables that literally are just copies of other tables with images changed. Its so nice to have an active forum for information and ideas.


    Thanks for the post Terry, its good you get involved. A lot of top administrators dont talk to the little guys. Until the little guy seems to be doing everything right and comes up with some idea they want. Ive read a lot of helpful tips so far and already committed a few to the help system.


    Silver ball go that way, as eyes went this way, GAME OVER !!

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