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    Yes, it is finally here, the DOFLinx Mod of the excellent Goonies table.  I highly recommend that you skim through the rules sheet because there are several modes that can be activated and are a lot of fun.  Most will have an animated accent to accompany them.  It's a tough table, but a lot of fun.  When that last ball drains, remember, "Goonies never say die!"  So hit start and try again!

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    Another FP table i have never tried. BUT will now. thanks Dr.

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?


    In case anyone never noticed…. this table is actually a mod of the Stern Indiana Jones table (Future Pinball version). I just noticed that now after having this table for quite a while!

    A very fast table, and can be hard at times, but has a lot of good modes.

    I like the different coloured flashers during the bonus multipliers. That works really well!

    I was also surprised to see the beacon go off when I got Sloth! Really effective! I played this before knowing you had this in there, so it made me look up like…”oh cool!”

    I haven’t had the blower fan go off yet…but I could only play this quickly as the family is going to bed…so no noise for now…   :(

    I did notice the different colours based on the mode you are playing in. “Firing” the ball with a yellow trail works nice too.

    There is alot of action with this table, so your flashers get a good work out!

    I did notice a couple of slingshots at the back that don’t have feedback. That area can get crazy during play, so I can understand if you didn’t wan’t solenoids firing off from those.

    Good job on a fun table.



    Couldn’t find anything to map the Frateli slings to, but with the flashers on the targets and back kicker, it is already a bit busy.  The blower should act on extra ball.  Glad the Beacon had a good effect for you.  And yes, once I realized this was mapped to Stern Indiana Jones, I was able to understand the game play and it quickly moved up on my list.


    Yes, it is possible to sometimes have something like a sling that doesn’t have anything at all in the script. It will just work automatically on its own. Aliens Legacy had one of those.

    You can add your own sub-routine to do what you want for things like that, since it won’t interfere at all with the rest of the game script. Certain commands in the script are simply reacting to that object being “hit”, “unhit”, “triggered”,etc…  So if it isn’t being used for anything, do what you want with it for DOFLinx!


    Yeah, didn’t think about that for a sling.  I’ve used that trick before using an unmapped switch, or even adding a switch.  Maybe I’ll play around with it. But like I said, already a lot going on up there already.   Glad you enjoy the mode animations.  Gives some pop to the table.  The table has a lot of replay value in the fact that modes are paired with music and now flashers.  And I am on a mission to get the “never say die” completely spelled out (without manual ball roller).


    Updated version (2.0) includes solenoid calls for the upper slings, ball saver activates during sloth, truffle, and multiball modes, and animated third locked ball.



    Really like playing your tables…great work!
    The Goonies table…eveything seems to load fine, and then when the table tried to start, something messes up and I have to close the program.  This happens to a couple of tables.
    Many tables work fine, while others seem to refuse to start properly.
    Any advice on what to look for in settings, or something to try?
    All help is appreciated.

    Thank you,



    Excellent table – Thank you!!!

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