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    Based on the JPSalas's VP Version Thanks to him to accept our conversion !!!!!

    1.2 Target's bug corrected. Due to Group parameter from collections.

    1,1 Optimisation by Brian Ryan and DjRobx !!! Big thanks to us to teach me a lot of new things !! A lot of things done by Brian as always ;) I lowered some ramp's sounds

    1,0 Thanks to Arngrim for Dof !!! ;) ;) ;) Thanks to Chucky and Bryan Rianfor good images base !! And for his POV Thanks to Neo for the highres playfield and plastic pictures !!!! Thanks Ninuzzu for the 3d locknut and flipper's shadows ;) ;) Very big thanks to Andreas Jüngling for all his photos from his real Pinball !!!!! And for all his very good sounds !!!!

    B2s : Chucky

    3d and Shadows : JPJ 3d flashers and script  : Flupper 2d : Playfield - Plastics Neo (Neofr45) - JPJ for adjusting things Script : Base of the JP Salas version - JPJ for adjusting to vpx and adding some routines and animations Lights : JPJ - thks to JP Salas for his Rainbow Routine !!! I love it Physic : JPJ FastFlips : Thks to nFozzy ;) DOF : Big big thanks to Arngrim as always !! Ramps : JPJ - Big thanks to Flupper for his rendering method ;)

    Thanks to those i have forgotten ;) ;) ;) Tell me i ll integer you in further updates ;)

    Thanks for testing : Shadow, Peskopat, Chucky, Aetios, Neo, Jens and Andreas !!

    Big Thanks to Pincab Passion for supporting the Team PP (JPJ, Neo, Arngrim, Chucky and Aetios)

    Big Big thanks to the VP Team Dev !!!!! ;) ;) ;)

    Big Thanks to VPinball site to share our favorite pinballs !! ;) ;)

    Don't forget to look for options at the beginning of the script ;)

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    Looks great sorry for the approval delay.. came in at 4:00am central time

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?
    for IOS and Android



    Thank you very much JPJ. You’ve pushed out some great releases lately ! :good:   :rose:

    I hope you release Popeye here too once its finished ;-)


    No problem Randr ;) ;) ;) It’s finished since a lot of day yet !! I could wait for hours ;) ;) ;) ;) We aren’t in a hurry !! Thank you !!!

    First time i upload here ;) A new adventure for me ;)

    Thanks to all for this site !! :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    Thank you very much Thalamus !!! Very kind !! Of course Popeye will be placed here and in our French Forum ;)

    I hope before 2019 :) soon… :yahoo:

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    Thank you JP, and thanks for having had the chance of testing the table before its release  :good:

    Keep the good work and looking now for the next release of Popeye ;)


    Thank you very much my super Shadow !!!! This one was made for you ;) and i enjoyed building it !!!!! ;) ;) ;) :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    I love this pinball ;) ;) ;) Thanks to you !!

    Ben Logan2

    Beautiful work, jipeji16. I love this one. Looking forward to playing the updated version tonight. Thank you!

    Bob Albright

    Always enjoyed this table.  Haven’t played it recently though. You give me a good reason to revisit it!  Thanks!

    "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"


    Never saw this one before. Giving it a test run. Anyone know how to adjust the volume? It plays really quiet.

    Bob Albright

    Misfit…adjust volumes by clicking on the tilde key…I think it’s to left of the 1 key. Click on the Dmd and make it show border. Right click on Dmd and a pop up will show to adjust volumes. Up arrow cycles though. Left and right arrow keys adjust the volume. I bumped them all to max

    "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make"

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    Or u can try to use my “nvram” file from this table; there is the volume maxed out.


    VPin: Williams Time Warp Cabinet (1979), 4K playfield: 40" Iiyama X4071UHSU, backglass: 32" LG. Pin2DMD, Pincontrol 1, LEDWiz, leaf switches / buttons, nudging, tilt, plunger, 10 big siems contactors / knocker, PC: Intel i5 2500k@4.5Ghz, 8 GB Ram, Zotac GTX 1070 Mini, Win10

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    Been waiting for this one! An instant top tier table. Thank you so much!



    This is an excellent table and some great work!

    Thanks, Bob, for the heads up on the audio. Now I can hear the swooning chorus for more pinball!



    very nice.

    thanks jipeji16  :bye:


    You’re all welcome !!!!! ;) ;) ;) ;)  This pinball was a great discovery for me too !!! And now i love it too !!!! Thanks to Shadow !!! ;) ;) ;)


    I never did say thank you for this one. Good job on the looks and physics. I find it a bit more challenging in VPX 6, with the ball sometimes draining into the outlanes right after launch, before it can even get to the flippers. But the ramp shots are very satisfying and I still managed to get around 7.5M due to a generous amount of extra balls given out. So again, thank you!

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    Haha, three of three balls down the drain in the first attempt, this must be a new lowest record.

    Fantastic table, btw.


    For some reason this is the only table in my cab that produces a lot of stutter.
    Nu sure if it’s hardware related but I guess not since I can play all others including the heavy ones smooth as butter.

    Is there something I could look at / disable for this particular table?

    EDIT : fixed it. For some reason the ball reflection is set to 85 on this table. Setting it to a more reasonable 0,2 fixed all issues.

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