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     Exnihilo Mundus 

    Hello, I downloaded the new DOF version with the new ROM and have it placed in my ROM directory, on launch of the table I am getting Line 43: Game name not found. I have verified that cGameName in line 4 is tomjerry.

    Any hints?


    I’m getting the same thing.

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    You’ll need the latest VPinMAME beta build. :)

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    Thank you.  I found the link here for anyone needing to find it.


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    I just want to say this table is really a work of art.  Great theme and is quickly going to be one of my favorites.  Thanks soooo much!


    Also, here’s a wheel docklet.   If y’all don’t know already, I have quite the collection on GameEx’s FTP.


    Tom & Jerry

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    Amazing game, I thought it actually was based on a *real* game “Tom & Jerry” – wow. Thank you for sharing.

    So, I have one issue, when it asks for “Enter your Initials” the left/right flippers don’t seem to work… Did I miss something?


    You get this figured out by chance?  Also running into not being able to enter initials.


    I downloaded the dof version , rom and updated my configtool files today. DOF working for everything but not Tom snd Jerry.

    edit: config is empty, thats why


    Hello Great table thanks for the job ! I have an issue with DOF : Right slingshot constantly runs during the play. I don’t know where I can fix that ? In the script I guess but where exactly ? Thanks for the help.


    Try this for DOF

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    DOF MinisterMember

    sorry, i forgot to publish my DOF config to be approved, it is now available ;)

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    Thank you Arngrim! :)


    What an impressive table!!!   Thank you.

    Is there an issue with entering initials?   I have the new V1.1 table download using the new tomjerry rom.     Game play is fine but when game ends and prompts to enter initials I see the prompt on my PinDMDV3 but am unable to enter anything.   I have the B2S DMD hidden so wondering if it might be that.    I didn’t think to try and turn to test and see if that is where it is displayed.   The real dmd has the enter initials prompt on it but never changes when hitting flippers or pressing start/plunger.


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     Exnihilo Mundus 


    Thanks Watacaractr, works now.  What a cool table, great job.

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    Just posting to say again how great this table looks!

    Messing with the VPinball app and push notifications.
    So if you haven't downloaded app yet what are you waiting for!?

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    Thanks for the update and DOF, Watacaractr and Arngrim. One question about DOF. I had the old version running (using the Hollywood heat rom) and now the updated DOF from the config tool and v1.1 table.

    There is one upper sling that doesn’t seem to have DOF working. Does anyone know how/what to change in the config tool for this? I tried attaching a picture to this post, but I can’t seem to attache jpeg or png files. The attached zip file is a picture of the upper slingshot.

    Thanks again for a great table.

     Mike da Spike 

    Real awesome table, but I got a real stupid question …

    The display on my real DMD devie (PinDMD v3) won’t show the complete DMD as shown if I put in on the backglass.

    Is theer a way to resize it, so I see everything on that device ?


    Scooby Add this /E204 to this line   — Slingshot Right

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    Still a great table after playing several games IMHO. I haven’t checked the script but I do find ball rolling sound to be very muted, especially hitting the ramp should definitely ring in more ball rolling I think?

    On my machine too rolling sounds and thumps are barely audible. Otherwise awesome table, thanks!

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    One thing you can do if you feel that the ball rolling sound is too low is to export the ballrolling samples from Jaws and replace them with these. I haven’t checked but I expect they have the same filenames. Mark all – delete, then just import and select all the exported ones.

    You can also inside the

    Function Vol(ball)

    Vol = Csng(BallVel(ball) ^2 / 2000)

    End Function

    Change the 2000 to something lower. If you change that – you might want to change the same number inside OnBallBallCollition Sub.

    This is partly why I used Const on these values in the scripts repo. Much easier to tune to your liking.

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    Wow what a great flipper  i have one question  if i have multiball madness and player 2 is on he has  also multiball madness  i do have the rom tomjerry   am  i forgetting something    richard


    Hi everyone,

    since I’d love to give this beautiful! table with my childhood heroes theme a spin I also found myself struggling with this:

    “Script Error

    Line: 43

    Game name not found”

    I updated to the 10.6 beta build 3592 and added the accordingly named tomjerry rom to the designated rom folder but still.

    The sound files are also put in place.

    Maybe someone can give me a little push on this one?


    EDIT: Yes, the community can help :good: .

    It always helps to read the previous posts line by line and really understand whats written there  :whistle:

    I always read that there needs to be an update for PinMAME but somehow I just updated VPX.

    After downloading the latest beta at “” the table started and now excuse me, gotta play a bit :-)

    Thanks to Watacaractr !!!

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