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    Coming Soon… Tron Legacy “End of Line” PuP-Pack.

    Completely reworked (using newer PuP features) with new videos for events such as Game Start, Drain, Ball Saved, TILT, Attract Trailers, and all new “Mode Title” videos. Now includes (for the first time) PORTAL mode videos…but most importantly…

    New (optional) hi quality “stereo” OST music from the movie that replaces the mono 22000Hz SAM system music.

    Video debut trailer here (you see new videos half-way in…but it’s all about the music and emotion, man!)


    …some pics for those who can’t be bothered with a 2 min video…


    One of the changes I made to Tron Legacy “End of Line” pup-pack… Mode “Intro” videos.

    In the previous Max Pack, each mode would start with a long “Intro” video, and just keep that video looping continuously during the entire mode. I’ve never been a fan of that (unless it works well like ATC mode on Aliens FX3 pack), as it makes everything way too busy, and Jackpots and other video events just blend in and don’t stand out. More isn’t always better.

    So now I have shorter Intro videos play only once (with animated text), and then you will see the default backglass, but now with the Mode Text on the bottom and the coloured neon border and flares still showing for the mode. Since this pack doesn’t use an Overlay image (can’t do the neon flares that way)… this needed to be baked into the videos. This makes for a more “clean” look, and is really how I wanted this pack to originally look.



    Another addition to Tron Legacy: “End of Line” pup-pack, was adding some missing videos such as Ball Saved (now on the backglass), TILT, more Drains, and more Game Starts, and more Attract mode Trailers.


    This PuP-Pack will be replacing the current “Max Pack”.

    It is designed for 3 screen users (with an LCD screen DMD),  or 2 screen users who have a real DMD. The backglass portion of the pup-pack won’t be able to display a virtual DMD, due to using two fullscreen video layers. The optional Topper videos will also need a dedicated space / screen as well.

    Those users who don’t have a dedicated space for a DMD, will need to use the older “2 on 1” or “3 on 1” packs.


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    Cant wait for this!!! I already know that this Will be One of the best pup packs next to Iron Man! Thanks for doing this, greatly appreciated! I actually have builded TRON led lights under the cabinet that waves around the ”tron” Blue light thanks to your last Pup-Pack! Yesterday i got rid of my lag also so this i really looking forward to! This Will also work for the G5K version or?


    /Forever noob

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    If you ever need help grabbing scenes or something else for your great packs cause i know it can time consuming i help out if you want that of course, Based on the clips YOU want of course.

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