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    Tron Legacy (Ultimate 1.13) (SLAMT1LT) (DOFLinx - Cabinet Edition)

    The Ultimate Tron Legacy virtual pinball cabinet experience...and only on Future Pinball with DOFLinx!

    A video that shows off this excellent table with amazing DOFLinx cabinet effects can be seen at this link (in my cabinet) :



    - amazing animated 5 RGB flasher effects

    - RGB undercab lighting changes based on characters, multiball, and game modes

    - gear motor operates with the Recognizer's movement

    - shaker motor and blower fan operates for cinematic videos, and many table events

    - 10 solenoid support for all mechanical devices (flipper, slings, bumpers, etc)

    - beacon lights up during cinematics and certain game modes

    - strobe effects throughout

    - animated effects for: Video Game mode, Disc Wars, Clu Ball, Light Cycle Battle, Zeus multiball, Drain, Orbits, Challenge of the Grid, etc...

    - Ramp: animated flasher effects change colour based on mode and game progression

    - all effects combine for an amazing feedback and light show like no other pinball game!

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    Nice work. It convinced me to give it a download.


    Yes yes yes… nice work TerryRed :). Love the video, really shows how cool this table actually is and how much time you spend on implementing DOFLinx.


    Once again you show why you are the master DOFLinx Mod Maniac!  Holy cow!  It was great, then I entered the grid and the light animation that was PERFECTLY timed to the clip and music went off.  You have outdone yourself, sir.  I’ve only had a short chance to play, but had to send a congrats, thank you, and a big “We’re Not Worthy!”  Thanks again, Terry for another great DOFLinx Mod. :yahoo:


    Everyone has their “favorites”, and this is one of them for me. So I was happy to be able to give it the love it deserves. There’s a lot that is done “under to hood” that you don’t see while playing that I do to make things work really well. This is a great example of a table that has more than what you see on the surface. I think a lot of people first look at it and think “oh, its not the Stern table”…but after watching this video, I hope they realise just how cool this table really is.

    That goes for a lot of the Future Pinball (and VP) “original” tables. I think a lot of us may just look at a table and see its not an arcade pinball table, and be like “meh”…. which is a shame as there are some amazing original tables out there!


    As for what’s next…. I was hoping to be able to do Tron Legacy (STERN), but SLAM got distracted, and he is now working on an update to Star Wars Death Star Assault. I was hoping to take a crack at that when its released.

    Other tables that I want to do, but I will wait because they are also getting big updates…Nightmare on Elm Street, Transformers, LOTR, Back to the Future (SLAMT1LT original), Tron Legacy (Stern)

    So for now…I’m working on Avatar (Ultimate Edition), and then maybe AC / DC (Ultimate).


    In January, I will be leaving for a training course for my job. I’m a electronics communications tech for the Canadian Forces…. used to be Army…now I’m Air Force. This course will be 4 months long, and then I have to wait until my house sells before we move (I’ll most likely get posted elsewhere).

    So in the new year, my time at home with the Pinball cabinet may be only on some of the weekends. Depending on how things work out…I may work on some tables during the week (the best I can without a cabinet to test with), and then come home and test on the cabinet.  I may or may not have internet access during those 4 months.

    I’ll be sad being away from the cabinet for so long….. oh and my wife and kids too.  ;)

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