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    Hello everyone, I’m working on building my first cab and have all the software set up pretty well, but haven’t build a cab yet.  I found someone selling a dead “Future Spa” machine that i thought about repurposing as my cab.  From what I have read, this machine is an old widebody 27″ wide.  The TV i have for the playfield is a 40″ samsung.  The screen measures 21″ accross.  My question is, will this tv look too small in a cab this wide?  If there is a gap on either side of the screen how would I “fill in” the space?  I obviously wouldn’t want to be able to see the edges of the tv through the glass.  Any advice/input would be appreciated.


    The Loafer

    Hi there.  For sure having a perfectly fitting tv inside the cab is the best solution. But outside of custom building your cab or getting just the perfect cab/tv combo, a lot of us just have to make due.  There’s lots’ of ways to fill up the gap, some put a nicely cut cardboard, others fill it with wood, etc,   At the end of the day it falls to whatever you feel is acceptable and when you are actually playing, you will be too busy to see any gaps.   Note: if you are willing to change monitors, there are still some 46″ 1080p TV’s out there.  Doesn’t help if you already have the tv but you could always sell it ;).  Doesn’t help you though if you want a 4K screen, you are screwed there.


    My own pincab is an Atari widebody, the largest cabinets outside of Hercules.  It sucks to have so much real estate that you can’t fill in but it is what it is.  I just upgraded to a 4K 43″ screen and in my thread someone mentioned something like “why not go 50″?  So I had the urge, looked into it and SOB because of the placement of the flipper button, I’m about 1/2” too tight, the flipper contacts would probably hit the TV case.  Ugh, first world problems…


    Good luck with your project!  It’s a fun one, worth the hassle.


    I would get a larger tv. But if you have what you have then it’s fine as you can always go bigger later

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    Thanks for the replies.  I’m thinking I will just go with it and upgrade later.  My screen for my backglass is a little too small too.  Anyway I have a feeling like this is going to be a never ending upgrading type of project.  Probably just live with it until I can upgrade to a better computer and 4k tvs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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